TIPO4 is the fourth collection of students’ typefaces, which were created in undergraduate study programs Graphic and Interactive Communications, Graphic and Media TEchnology and Graduate Program Graphic and Interactive Communications. In the booklet is a selection of certain typographic solutions that have emerged in the last three academic years, from 2011/2012 to 2013/2014, in subjects Typography in Various Media, Typographic Planning, Typeface Design and Creative typography.

Each year the task of designing typefaces is different, but also more demanding. This booklet presents the solutions of five projects. In the academic years 2011/2012 and 2012/2013, students in Typeface Design developed letter types for longer texts, marking and routing, and accentuated inscriptions. In the year 2012/2013, at Typography in Various Media and Typographic Planning, students worked on the TypoShirt project, which was combined with the students of fashion design. Typefaces made by students of graphics were implemented in three-dimensional designs of shirts. In the same year, the students developed creative letters for the learning needs of elementary schools in the Creative typography, with a special emphasis on the replacement of the comic sans typeface. In the last academic year 2013/2014, students of Typography in Various Media and Typographic Planning have developed letters based on the characters of heroes of Slovene literature and prose. In the Creative typography, students had a challenging task – the production of a typographic logo and an accompanying typeface on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Slovenia.

Knowing the design of his own typeface adds new competences to the student in the field of visual and interactive communication planning. Thus, it is not only a typography user, it becomes a designer of a comprehensive system. The creation of a useful typeface and its variants is a lengthy and demanding process that requires a lot of patience, but also enormous self-criticism. With the in-depth research, the student acquires knowledge and foundations on typographic principles, while at the same time she/he presents creative innovations and responsibilities for further work in the field of typography in communications.

Ljubljana, June 2014

Foreword was written by assoc. prof. dr. Klementina Možina.

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