Movie Art

Movie Art: direction of mizanscene / film set

For the students, we organized a lecture on film art, conducted by dr. Uroš Zavodnik (director and screenwriter). The lecture featured film art with a historical background and, on the occasion of his short feature film, Tolažnik. Read the guest’s thoughts:

In the darkened cinema, the film painting fascinates us with its magical subversive power to be left to the staged narrative and its characters, drawn by the light on the screen. However, even if the created reality in some time and space can be made from a distant future or past, it seems to be realistic, everything is fully understood through the direction of the mizanscene, which is realized on the film set, with the help of a number of authorial creations that believe in the author’s idea -vision (director-screenwriter), who later, in post-production, gets his final image in both, the image and the sound. (Uros Zavodnik)


NTF-OTGO-KIGT | Ljubljana | Slovenia | December 2017

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