Integration of Design & Technology


Integration of Design and Technology (IDT), optional course

Summary of the subject contents: Supervised team work on a real project. Analysis and synthesis. Concrete design problems. Media. Production technologies. Visual communication. Visual identity concepts. Different media applications.

Subject Obligations+

Lectures, seminars and practical course should be attended on time. Products must be delivered to agreed deadlines.

The individual parts of the subject require the presence of:

  • lectures 80%,
  • seminar 80%,
  • practical course 90%.
In case of insufficient attendance, the student can not complete the course in the academic year 2019/2020.

The final grade of the subject (100%) is composed as follows:

  • all together presence at lectures, seminars, practical course (20%),
  • exam questions (10%),
  • products (50%),
  • presentation (20%).

Lectures are held on Fridays between 8.30 am and 10 am (P-006).

2nd of Oct. no lectures substituting
9th of Oct. Corporate Visual Identity trademark, logotype
18th of Oct. Design Toolkit colour, style, size, structure, graphic elements
25th of Oct. Shape & Design form, content, composition, expressive means
1st of Nov. no lectures holidays
8th of Nov. History of Poster periods and design
15th of Nov. Infographics & Data Visualisation infographics, data visualisation
22nd of Nov. Propaganda techniques, manipulation instruments, regressive / progressive
29th of Nov. Marketing Communications marketing, the hierarchy model effect
6th of Dec. Prototyping & Testing structure, plan, research, testing
13th of Dec. no lectures substituting
20th of Dec. no lectures substituting
27th of Dec. no lectures holidays
3rd of Jan. no lectures holidays
10th of Jan. Visual Journalism visual stories, design and editorial mode
17th of Jan. Interactive Content real cases
24th of Jan. Experimental Content real cases

Seminar is held on on Wednesdays, between 8 am and 9.30 am (P-105).

4th of Oct. no seminar replacement of seminar
11th of Oct. Cutting Edge presentation of the project
16th of Oct. Individual consultations
23rd of Oct. Groups 1, 2, 3 consultations
30th of Oct. Groups 4, 5, 6 consultations
6th of Nov. Groups 7, 8, 1 consultations
13th of Nov. Groups 2, 3, 4 consultations
20th of Nov. Groups 5, 6, 7 consultations
27th of Nov. Presentations company
4th of Dec. Groups 8, 1, 2 consultations
11th of Dec. no seminar replacement of seminar
18th of Dec. no seminar replacement of seminar
25th of Dec. no seminar holidays
1st of Jan. no seminar holidays
8th of Jan. Groups 3, 4, 5 consultations
15th of Jan. Groups 6, 7, 8 consultations
22th of Jan. Course Completion last consultation before the exam


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
32017208 32018221 32018229 32018204 32018331 32018255 32019213 32018260
32017246 32018209 32018238 32018201 32018223 32018235 32019220 32018228
32018232 32018215 32018240 32018257


  • Poster B1 (707 × 1000 mm) and B2 (500 × 707 mm) | N = 4
  • Flyer (210 × 99 / 99 × 210 mm) | N = 100
  • Invitation A4 (210 × 297 mm) | N = 200
  • Book of Abstracts  A5 (148 × 210 / 210 × 148 mm) | N = 100
  • Schedule A4 (210 × 297 mm) | N = 100
  • Inscription Information (optional, meaningful format) | N = 2
  • Inscription Registration (optional, meaningful format) | N = 4
  • Accreditation (100 × 150 / 150 × 100 mm) | N = 100
  • Award Recognition A4 (210×297 mm) | N = 10
  • Certificate of Attendance A4 (210×297 mm) | N = 100
  • Website Template| N = 1
  • PowerPoint / Keynote Template | N = 2
  • T-shirt | N = 100
  • Accreditation Stripe | N = 100

3 different pro forma invoices should be prepared for all the products.

The products of each group should be displayed on two B1 (707 × 1000 mm) posters, which will be exhibited at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. One of the posters should include the following information:

Name and surname (all group participants) | Univerza v Ljubljani | Naravoslonotehniška fakulteta | Oddelek za tekstilstvo, grafiko in oblikovanje | Katedra za informacijsko in grafično tehnologijo | Integracija oblikovanja in tehnologije, 2019/2020 | Mentorja: Nace Pušnik, Gregor Franken

Posters must be submitted by January 24, 2020 on a google drive in the Razstava_IOT_19/20 folder. Give the given file the surrname_surrname_surrname_1.pdf and surrname_ surrname_ surrname_2.pdf.

Practical Course+

Practical Course is held on Fridays between 1.30 pm and 3 pm (P-002).

Information about Practical Course: Gregor Franken

Final Assignment+

The exam consists of a report and an oral defense. The report should be uploaded to google drive before the exam in pdf format, and it should be brought in a physical (printed) form to the exam.

The report should be bound in the form of a pamphlet binding (number of pages should be meaningful and not too large, give the essence), recommended closed size of report should not exceed A5. It represents an overview of the subject’s work. In your own discretion and selection, you will indicate in the report the important and interesting stages of your work. Here you give short comments. Include offers for the production of printed materials, hourly calculations and a financial report (hourly consumption, costs and final price).

The report should include the following: Name and surname | University of Ljubljana | Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering | Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design | Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology | Integration of Design and Technology, 2018/2019 | Mentors: Nace Pušnik, Gregor Franken.

Example of pamphlet binding:

  • 30th of January 2020 | 10 am | P-201
  • 18th of June 2020 | 9 am | the exam room will be announced subsequently
  • 27th of August 2020 | 9 am | the exam room will be announced subsequently

Integration of Design & Technology (9th of October)

  • Essential requirements for a successful corporate identity
  • Colours (choice, associations)
  • Trademark (division, categories, properties, features)
  • Logotype (division, categories, properties, features)
  • Examples of corporate identities

Integration of Design & Technology (18th of October)

  • Design kit components
  • Color, style, weight and size, structure, grouping, graphic elements
  • Conventional: report, book, magazine, poster, newsletter, packaging, catalog, flyer
  • Digital: e-news, website, graphical interface, exhibition, lecture
  • Collaboration of elements in different design modes

Integration of Design & Technology (25th of October)

  • Form in content
  • Graphic Design and Art
  • Construction, grouping, visual language
  • Elements of composition (point, line, texture, shape, surface)
  • Means of expression (photography, illustration, text, color, reproduction technique, material)

Integration of Design & Technology (8th of November)

  • The word on the poster, poster narrative
  • Lithography
  • Notice (information) and intrigue (propaganda)
  • Modern art poster (Woman in white)
  • Art nouveau, Art deco, Plakatstyle, International Style, Polish School, Pop & Psychedelia, Grapus, Punk, New Wave, Postmodernism

Integration of Design & Technology (15th of November)

  • Data Visualization History (Snow, Playfair, Nightingale, Neurath, Beck, Aicher, Bayer, Tufte, Franchi, Ørntoft, Sullivan)
  • Infographics and data visualisation
  • Isotype
  • London Underground, Olympic games 1972
  • Visual reporting in investigative journalism

Integration of Design & Technology (22nd of November)

  • Sacra congregatio de propaganda fida (Pope Gregory XV)
  • Definition of propaganda (Lippmann, Bernays, Lasswell)
  • Classical propaganda techniques (name calling, glittering generalities, transfer, testimonial, plain folks, card stacking, bandwagon)
  • Institute for propaganda analysis (IPA, 1938)
  • Regressive and progressive propaganda

Integration of Design & Technology (29th of November)

  • Marketing & advertising
  • Informativeness, efficiency, belonging, positivity, constancy, too many ads
  • The effect hierarchy model
  • AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, action)
  • Cognitive, affective, conative | Affective, cognitive, conative | Affective, conative, cognitive

Integration of Design & Technology (6th of December)

  • Consistent diagrams
  • Consent of the group
  • Discussion and labeling
  • Construction and plan
  • Test modes

Integration of Design & Technology (10th of January)

  • the role of magazines in the past, present and future
  • visual stories
  • structure of the publication
  • editorial and design principle
  • photography and typography

Integration of Design & Technology (17th of January)

  • case studies of interactive content
  • websites: conservation of LA, NRDC, wilson stuff
  • interactive exhibition: national museum of world war I
  • intranet: institute for research and archeology
  • user interface: turbochef

Integration of Design & Technology (24th of January)

  • case studies of experimental content
  • interactive map: visualizing the world
  • content visualization: information search, diversity similarity
  • statistics through the picture: implementation of numbers
  • visualization activity: overview of private worlds, wikipedia analysis

Out of office

I will be away from December 10th to January 5th. Office hours are cancelled during this time. With a delay I reply to the e-mails.... read more


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