Typeface Design


Typeface Design (TD), optional course

Summary of the subject contents: Planning, design and production processes for new typefaces. Analysing of the typographic use. Parametric design. Double-pencil method. Digitalisation. Vector based glyph drawing. Open-type features. Typeface testing. Checking typeface functionality.

Course Obligations+
  • Subject should be attended on time.
  • Products must be delivered to agreed deadlines.
  • Parts of the subject require the presence of: Lectures 80%, Seminar & other forms of work 80%, Practical Course 90%.
  • In case of insufficient attendance, the course cannot be completed in the academic year 2022/2023.
  • The final grade of the subject (100%) is composed as follows:
    presence 20%, exam questions 10%, products 50%, presentation 20%.

Lectures take place on Tuesday between 2. and 3.30 pm (P-104).

Feb. 14 TypeCooker Parametric Design of Typefaces
Feb. 21 Typeface Purpose Information, Identity, Community, Function
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Feb. 28 Basics about Typefaces Typography, Presence, Use, Editing
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Mar. 7 Typeface Details Classification, Specification, Elements, Modules
Project Presentation of project work
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Mar. 14 Form and Counterform Form & Counterform, Ductus, Proportions, Rhythm, Contrast
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Mar. 21 Grid Basics
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Mar. 28 Typographic Style Problems & Solutions
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Consultations Project
Apr. 4 Typographic Hierarchy How to read the pages
Typographer of the day Student-to-Student*
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Consultations Project
Apr. 11 Typography & Poster Types of Posters, Poster Typeface
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Consultations Project
Apr. 18 / Cancelled
Apr. 25 / Cancelled
May 2 / Holiday
May 9 Typographer of the day Student-to-Student*
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Consultations Project
May 16 Typography & Screens Screen, Fonts, Visibility, Understanding
Typeface review Comments and Corrections
Consultations Project
May 23 Final Presentations Work Review
May 30 Project improvements Review, Comments, Upgrades
Practical Course+

Practical Course takes place on Friday between 8 and 9.30 am (MS Teams).

For work you need: graph paper, ordinary pencil, eraser (optional), thin and thick black felt-tip pen, software for digitizing letters.

Part 1: Draw letters based on the given parameters (TypeCooker) and put them in a word with at least 6 letters (n, o, h …, H, O, N …). The word doesn’t have to be meaningful; important is rythm of white space and black strokes. Final drawings should be accurate and contrasting. Outline them with a thin and fill them with a thick marker. Draw letters with x-height of 5 cm so you can develop details and that they are visible from a distance. Cut out the letters and paste them into the final word*.

Usability and
Reg. Num.
Reg. Num.
Reg. Num.
Reg. Num.
Reg. Num.
Reg. Num.
Multi-Purpose 01_MP_typec

Part 2: Based on the given parameters (TypeCooker), form alphabetic and non-alphabetic characters. The work is done individually; each student creates her/his own set of letters.

Each typeface should include the following characters:

  • A, B, C, Č, Ć, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, Š, T, U, V, Z, Ž, X, Y, Q, W
  • a, b, c, č, ć, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, š, t u, v, z, ž, x, y, q, w
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • . , : ; ! ? „ “ (ali » «) + – ‒ — ( ) [ ] @ # % & € $

The Slovenian Stroke Support Society is a humanitarian, voluntary organisation that helps stroke patients and their relatives. They mainly treat elderly people. You can read more about the mentioned association at the link.

On the topic of stroke patients, in a group, design a series of five typographic covers (front and back). These should be different from each other, but it should nevertheless be clear that it is a connected series of five publications.

The tentative titles of the publications are as follows:

  • Create a new life after a stroke (the area of accepting the consequences of the disease, especially from the point of view of mental health and mutual relations in the family, between spouses, parenting, between friends, colleagues, creating a new social network);
  • Fatigue in everyday life after a stroke (rapid fatigue is present in more than 70% of patients after a stroke; its causes are not completely known, but it largely limits daily activities, prevents employment; how to recognize it; how to distinguish it from depression; how to adjust);
  • Remaining independent and physically active even after a stroke (recommendations for different levels of disability);
  • Sexuality after stroke (breaking the taboo topic from all angles);
  • Living with the lasting effects of stroke (quality of life).

The first publication is expected to be published at the end of June 2023, the second will be published in October 2023, followed by two publications in 2024 and one more in 2025.


  • format A5 (148 × 210);
  • volume between 50 and 60 pages;
  • inside page: logo of the CVB Association, logo of the Ministry of Health;
  • back page: authors, proofreading, printing, design.

Consultations take place on Tuesdays after lectures according to the schedule.

Group Consultations
1 32020044, 32020020, 32020053, 32020043, 32020017, 32020042 Mar. 28 / Apr. 11 / May 16
2 32020021, 32021264, 32020166, 32020050, 32020024, 32020006 Mar. 28 / Apr. 11 / May 16
3 32019268, 32019110, 32020016, 32020041, 32020136, 32020052 Apr. 4 / May 9 / May 16
4 32020022, 32020028, 32020127, 32018014, 32020033, Erasmus Apr. 4 / May 9 / May 16

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays after lectures.

Typographer of the day! Week 12 will feature presentations of famous typographers. Prepare up to 3 pages, where you will briefly provide important information about the typographer assigned to you and inform the others about the relevant information. Summarize the work, important achievements, highlight what you think is most representative of a particular person. The presentation should be horizontal .pdf format. Short presentations should be uploaded to OneDrive in the folder Seeminar_NP_22_23, subfolder Tipografi_NP_22_23. until May 7. Name the submitted pdf file surname_name_T.pdf.

1 Adrian FRUTIGER 32019268
2 Gerard UNGER 32020006
3 Massimo VIGNELLI 32018014
4 Henri FRIEDLAENDER 32020016
5 Dick DOOIJES 32020017
6 Walter TRACY 32020020
7 Roger EXCOFON 32020166
8 Aldo NOVARESE 32020021
9 Max MIEDINGER 32020022
10 Karl-Erik FORSBERG 32020024
11 Herb LUBALIN 32020028
12 Lucian BERNHARD 32020127
13 Stanley MORISON 32020033
14 Paul RENNER 32020041
15 Morris FULLER BENTON 32020136
16 Bruce ROGERS 32019110
17 Freda SACK 32020042
18 Gerrit NOORDZIJ 32020043
19 Erik SPIEKERMANN 32020044
20 Charles BIGELOW 32021264
21 Matthew CARTER 32020050
22 Jan TSCHICHOLD 32020052
23 April GREIMAN 32020053
24 Robin NICHOLAS Erasmus
Final Assignment+

The final assignment consists of a diary, typeface specimen and presentation (oral exam).

  • The diary (size A5), typeface specimen (adjusted format B2, 500 × 700 mm) and the presentation (size A4) should have a uniform visual identity.
  • The diary should be in the form of an e-publication (pdf) and comprise up to 20 pages.
  • It presents an overview of the work on the subject.
  • At your own discretion and choice, you display important and interesting design levels in the diary.
  • Give short comments next to the products.

The diary, typeface specimen and presentation (all in pdf) must be uploaded to OneDrive folder Izpit_NP until June 5, 2023. Files submitted to OneDrive should NOT contain printing marks (crop marks, bleed marks, registration marks, color bars, page information), except the typeface specimen (prepare two typeface specimens, one for print and one for web publishing). Name the submitted pdf files surname_name_D.pdf (diary), surname_name_V.pdf (typeface specimen), surname_name_P.pdf (presentation).

The diary and typeface specimen should include the following: Name and Surrname | University of Ljubljana | Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering | Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design | Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology | Typeface Design, 2022/2023 | Mentors: Nace Pušnik, Ana Mendizza.

  • 7th of June 2023 | 10 am | exam room will be posted later 
  • 23rd of August 2023 | 10 am | exam room will be posted later

Office hours

In the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022 , office hours are held on Wednesdays, between 5 and 6 pm (K-302). It is also possible to organise online meeting with the help of MS Teams by prior arrangement.... read more
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