Information on research projects and agreements

Lecturers in the doctoral programme Textile Engineering, Graphic Communication and Textile Design are involved in different ongoing national and international scientific and artistic projects.

A) Scientific research work is conducted within 12 national research programmes (P2-0213 is coordinated by the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design) financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS), 9 basic and applied projects funded by the ARRS, 3 projects of the ministries of other countries, 7 EU projects and 5 bilateral projects.

Programmes financed by ARRS+
P1-0230 Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Structure and Application,
P2-0082 TankThin-film structures and plasma surface engineering,
P2-0205 Synthesis and Characterisation of Materials,
P2-0213 Textiles and Ecology,
P2-0246 Algorithms and optimisation methods in telecommunications,
P2-0263 Mechanics in Engineering,
P2-0270 Production systems, laser technologies and materials welding,
P2-0393 Advanced materials for low-carbon and sustainable society,
P5-0183 Social psychology and Sociology of Everyday Life,
P5-0203 The production of meaning and knowledge in a time of crisis: cultural, religious and scientific-developmental aspects of societies in Slovenia, the Balkans, Europe,
P5-0051 Mass media, the public sphere and social changes,
P6-0341 Humanistika in smisel humanosti v vidikih zgodovinskosti in sodobnosti (Slovenian),
Projects financed by ARRS+
J5-5540 Sexuality in Secondary-school Students in Slovenia: behaviour, health and attitudes,
J5-5535 Development of information literacy of university students as a support for solving authentic science problems,
L1-5453 Development of novel bioresistant and stainfree stone surfaces,
L2-5486 Biomedical shape memory alloys,
L2-5492 Development of the functional textiles used for the treatment of diabetic foot (malum perforans),
L2-5571 New materials for printed sensors and indicators and their integration in smart printed matter,
L2-6767 Interakcija popolnoma disociirane zmerno ionizirane plazme amoniaka s steklo-polimernimi kompoziti (Slovenian),
L7-6782 Funkcionalizacija polimernih kardiovaskularnih vsadkov za optimizacijo hemokompatibilnosti (Slovenian),
L7-6858 DriveGreen: Razvoj aplikacije za spodbujanje eko-vožnje pri prehodu v nizkoogljično družbo (Slovenian),
Projects of other ministries+
  • 2221 – Fellowships for Visiting Scientists and Scientists on Sabbatical Leave. Project title: Computer modelling and simulation of e-transmission lines manufacturing with hot air welding technologies. Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014―2015
  • Antimicrobial finishing and ecologically acceptable printing of textile materials for sportswear and the control of their thermal properties, University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Technology, Banja Luka, 2014―2015
  • PercieveRecognize R989 – Application for IKT – aided integration of blind and visually impaired youth in the society, Ministry of Education Science and Sport, Project of structural funds, 2015
EU and other international projects+
  • Erasmus+ Programme: Knowledge Alliance; TECLO: Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship oriented companies, duration: 1.12.2014–30.11.2016
  • Erasmus+ Programme, ADVA2TEX, 2015―2016
  • Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme: eTexWeld- Welding of E-Textiles for Interactive Clothing, 644268, Marie Curie, 2015―2017
  • MPNS COST Action MP1101, Biomedical Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technology, 2013―2015
  • MPNS COST Action MP1105, FLARETEX, Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals, 2012―2016
  • FPS COST Action FP1104, “New possibilities for print media and packaging – combining print with digital bio-based materials for new packaging applications”, 2012―2016
  • FPS COST Action FP1405, Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging – innovation and market introduction, 2014―2018
Bilateral projects+
BI-RS/14-15-018 Development of a method for using commercial digital camera as colour measurement device, Serbia, 2014―2015
BI-RS/14-15-033 Tailoring innovative functional textiles using plasma and Microcapsules, Serbia
BI-HR/14-15-027 Modification of textiles by plasma and nanoparticles for development of protective and healthcare textiles, Croatia, 2014―2015
BI-RU/14-15-037 Spatial structure of polymer systems on the basis of the porous volume (hydrogels) and two-scale (films) matrices, their functional and mechanical properties, Russia, 2014―2015
BI-BA/14-15-033 Investigation of the possibility of using short flax fibres for production of filters for removal of heavy metals ions from aqueous solutions, Banja Luka, 2014―2015

B) Art research work of lecturers of doctoral programme TGTO in 2014 and ongoing projects:

  • Fashion Show Perpetuum, Fashion Week Ljubljana
  • Days of graphics, Technical Museum of Slovenia, Polhov Gradec
  • Collection of textile products Fabiani, House of Architecture, MOL
  • Collection of clothing made from hemp, Fair Gornja Radgona
  • Presentation of the collection Matica Velerja at the exhibition Dolce vita, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana
  • Mitnica – exhibition of students’ works
  • Fabiani tribune
  • Corporate Graphic Identity for Fabiani year
  • Collection of clothing for NK Olimpija Ljubljana
  • Collection of fashion accessories for NK Olimpija Ljubljana
  • Collection of samples for NK Olimpija Ljubljana
  • Development of two mascots for NK Olimpija Ljubljana
  • Development of typefaces for NK Olimpija Ljubljana
  • MLMGC, BIO 50 _ Fashion System, MAO in KUD France Prešeren
  • After-use, BIO 50: NOW, KUD France Prešeren
  • After-use, Design Month
  • Marking System for Park Postojna Cave, in collaboration with UL FA
  • Image for Cultural Art Society KIKS
  • Bridging the gap in the fonts for wooden letters for Institute tipoRenesansa
  • Mouse Kiki falls into the pantry … making of picture books in collaboration with Birografika Bori and Infokem s.p.
  • Creating of Virtual and pop-up branch offices and mobile applications for counsellors; cooperation with NLB and Microsoft
  • Different communication – a permanent exhibition of New Communications Solutions, Technical Museum of Slovenia, Polhov Gradec


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