Lecturers of the courses and mentors

List of optional courses and lecturers:

1. Solid matter physics (Prof. Peter Prelovšek, DrSc)
2. Thermodynamics of materials (Assist. Prof. Primož Ziherl, DrScr)
3. Solid state chemistry (Assoc. Prof. Boris Čeh, DrSc)
4. Physical metallurgy (Assoc. Prof. Anton Smolej, DrSc)
5. Constitution of multi-component alloy systems (Prof. Boštjan Markoli, DrSc)
6. Physics and chemistry of surfaces (Assist. Prof. Janez Kovač, DrSc)
7. Spectroscopy of materials (Prof. Janez Dolinšek, DrSc)
8. Microscopy of materials (Prof. Janez Dolinšek, DrSc)
9. Elastomechanics of materials (Assist. Prof. Primož Ziherl, DrSc)
10. M5 – Modelling of processes (Prof. Tomaž Rodič, DrSc)
11. Functional materials (Prof. Janez Dolinšek, DrSc)
12. Nanomaterials (Prof. Jadran Maček, DrSc)
13. Ceramic materials (Prof. Danilo Suvorov, DrSc)
14. Polymeric materials (Assoc. Prof. Matjaž Krajnc, DrSc)
15. Selection of materials for engineering applications (Prof. Stane Pejovnik, DrSc)
16. Production and characterization of materials (Assist. Prof. Aleš Nagode, DrSc)
17. Heterogeneous equilibria in process engineering of metallic materials (Prof. Jožef Medved, DrSc)
18. Slags and fluxes (Assist. Prof. Matjaž Kanp, DrSc)
19. Solidification of metallic melts (Prof. Primož Mrvar, DrSc)
20. Metallurgy of steel and metals (Assist. Prof. Matjaž Kanp, DrSc)
21. Process engineering – forming and casting (Assoc. Prof. Goran Kugler, Drsc)
22. Heat transfer in materials engineering (Prof. Borut Kosec, DrSc)
23. Mineral dressing and mineral processing (Assist. Prof. Jože Kortnik, DrSc)
24. Modern construction technologies and numerical modelling of underground structures (Assoc. Prof. Jakob Likar, DrSc)
25. Modelling of coalmining methods (Assist. Prof. Evgen Dervarič, DrSc)
26. Survey monitoring in geosciences (Assist. Prof. Milivoj Vulič, DrSc)
27. Methods of predicting changes in earth’s crust (Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gosar, DrSc)
28. Advanced methods of geothermal energy exploitation (Assoc. Prof. Miran Veselič, DrSc)


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