Introduction: scalar, vector quantities, units, measurements, measurement errors. Mechanics: forces and Newton’s laws (incl. adhesion and friction force, gravitation above and under the surface, between bodies), torque forces, examples from statics and dynamics; momentum (incl. jet force, opposing jet force, jet propulsion); angular momentum; work and energy (incl. elastic energy, rotational kinetic energy); elastic and plastic deformations (incl. tension, compressibility, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, torsion, shear); additional chapters from continuum mechanics (incl. speed and energy of waves, sound, ultrasound, the Doppler effect); hydrostatics (incl. speed, pressure, hydr. devices, buoyancy), hydrodynamics (incl. the Bernoulli equation, measuring flow, viscosity and resistance in fluids). Electromagnetism: electrical charge, current (incl. electrical resistance of materials, conductivity in metals); voltage, Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s laws (incl. simple circuits); electric fields, capacitors (incl. substance in a field); magnetic fields; exertion of a magnetic force on a moving bullet (incl. the Hall effect); induction and its uses (incl. transformers, detecting magnetic fields); electromagnetic waves (incl. EM waves in matter).

Geotechnology and the Environment (UN)






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