About diploma degree

On this page, you will find all the information you need regarding registering a topic as well as preparing and defending your Diploma thesis for the first-level programme offered by the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design.


When do I need to register the topic of my thesis?+

The topic must be registered at least two months before the thesis defence. If you would like to present your thesis for example in June, you are required to register your thesis by the end of March at the latest.

Students in the Bologna programmes are required to register their topic by the start of the sixth semester (the Student Administration Office informs the students about the date in a timely manner).

How do I find out whether the committee has approved my topic, who the members of my committee are and the validity date of my topic?+

Students receive information about the chosen members of the committee, who will give them their grade and preside over their defence as well as about the validity of their selected topic by visiting their Student Information System (VIS) page under the heading My Information – My Thesis.

For how long is my topic valid?+

The topic is valid for two years from the approval date given by the thesis committee.

What should I do when my topic expires?+

The student is required to submit the form allowing the extension of the topic validity to the Student Administration Office at least one month before the topic expires. The committee decides on a new validity date and the student can see this information by logging onto VIS.

In the event the student’s topic expires and he or she no longer wishes to have the same topic, the student must submit the new topic without also submitting the topic extension form.

Where can I get the topic-submission form, the topic-extension application, the application to change the title or the application to switch mentors?+

All forms relevant to the thesis are published on the NTF-OTGO website, under Office > Forms and documents.

Where can I submit my topic and/or all the other forms?+

You can submit your topic, change the title of your thesis or submit an application to change your mentor by giving the relevant documents to izr. prof. dr. Matejka Bizjak. All applications for extending the validity of a thesis topic are accepted by the Student Administration Office. The student may submit the form in person or leave it in the post-box next to the Office.

How long do I have to wait to get information on whether my topic is accepted/extended or my new title/mentor is accepted on VIS?+

The Studies Committee considers new topic submissions and applications once per month (on the 20th of the month).
Information on whether an application has been granted is published on the student’s VIS account one month after submission.
Submissions made in July or August will be considered and published on VIS in September.

When am I required to pay for my thesis and defence?+

Students have the possibility of defending their thesis free-of-charge up to two years after the expiration of their student status. After this date, they are required to pay for their thesis in accordance with the University of Ljubljana Price List for the academic year in which they have graduated.
(Example: If the student loses their status on 1/10/2013, he or she may defend their thesis up to September of 2015).

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