Tutoring is systematic guidance to students in their studies and in their academic development.

The purpose of tutoring at NTF is to:

  • support students during their studies,
  • increase the transfer of students to the next year,
  • advise students in the selection of optional courses,
  • assist in the study of individual courses or the mandatory practice
  • encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.

Student tutoring for foreign students helps foreign students to overcome possible cultural differences and adapt to the new environment. The priorities of foreign students are primarily: residence, student ID, transport. Possible cultural differences (language, habits, personal attitudes) might well influence the study performance of a foreign student. Tutors help them with everyday life challenges, to integrate into our environment, to overcome homesickness and with various administrative procedures.

Tutor professor for foreign students:
Assoc. prof. dr. Jože Kortnik (joze.kortnik@guest.arnes.si) 

List of tutors for your study programme is listed below. You are also welcome to contact your exchange coordinator. List of coordinators is available here.

Textile and Fashion Design+

Textile and fashion design (UN)

  • 1. year UN: prof. Elena Fajt
  • 2. year UN: prof. Nataša Peršuh
  • 3. year UN: prof. Almira Sadar

Textile and fashion design (MAG)

  • doc. mag. Katja Burger
Graphic Arts+

Graphic and interactive communication (UN)

Tutor for foreign students and subjects Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2:

Graphic and media technology

Student tutor and tutor for foreign students:

Graphic and interactive communication (MAG)

Tutor student

  • Tutor student: Ivana Hreščak (ivana.hrescak123@gmail.com)
  • Tutor student for foreign and exchange students: Elena Koradin (koradinelena@gmail.com)

Textile and clothing engineering (VS)

  • 1. year: doc. dr. Tanja Podbevšek
  • 2. year: doc. dr. Mateja Kert
  • 3. year: izr. prof. dr. Marija Gorjanc
  • Tutor student:

Textile and clothing planning (UN)

Textile and clothing planning (MAG)

  • 1. and 2. year: izr. prof. dr. Tatjana Rijavec
  • Tutor student: /

Tutor coordinator: doc. dr. Simona Jarc

1. year UN: doc. dr. Simona Jarc

2. year UN: doc. dr. Luka Gale

3. year UN: doc. dr. Tomislav Popit

1. year MAG: izr. prof. dr. Nastja Rogan Šmuc

2. year MAG: prof. dr. Timotej Verbovšek

Tutor for exchange students: Tia Jančič (tia.jancic@gmail.com)

Geotehnology, mining and environment+

Tutor coordinator: doc. dr. Goran Vižintin

1. level: doc.dr. Damjan Hann

2. level: doc.dr. Goran Vižintin

Materials and metallurgy+

Tutor professor coordinator: asist. dr. Tilen Balaško

Tutor student coordinator: Ajda Tršar (ajda.trsar@gmail.com)

Tutor professor for Erasmus+ exchange students: doc. dr. Matjaž Knap

Tutor student for Erasmus+ exchange students: Ajda Tršar (ajda.trsar@gmail.com)

Subject tutoring

Materials engineering – 1st level

  • 1. year: prof. dr. Goran Kugler (goran.kugler@ntf.uni-lj.si)
  • 2. year: asist. dr. Tilen Balaško (tilen.balasko@ntf.uni-lj.si)
  • 3. year: doc. dr. Mitja Petrič (mitja.petric@ntf.uni-lj.si)
  • Tutor student: Urh Toš (ut8242@student.uni-lj.si)

Metallurgical technology – 1st level

  • 1. year: doc. dr. Blaž Karpe (blaz.karpe@ntf.uni-lj.si)
  • 2. year: dr. Blaž Leskovar (blaz.leskovar@ntf.uni-lj.si)
  • 3. year: doc. dr. Iztok Naglič (iztok.naglic@ntf.uni-lj.si)
  • Tutor student: Jošt Iršič (mini.irsic@gmail.com)

Materials and metallurgy – 2nd level

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