Price list

Price List (in EUR) of Services Offered by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in the 2020/21 Academic Year


Passing a course with an (differential) exam: undergraduate study, first-level *
Passing a course with an (differential) exam: postgraduate study, second and third level *
First, second and third attempt at passing an exam for individuals without a student status, individual taking of an (differential) exam 63,90
The fourth and all subsequent exams taken in front of a committee (for individuals with or without a student status) 191,80


Certificate of exams passed or grade-point average certificate** 4.80
Issuing a certificate in a foreign language (1 copy) and other certificates** 9.60
Issuing certificates for purchasing employment years or recognising study years*** 67,10

Applications, applications for issuing decisions:

On recognising exams taken outside the UL 41.50
On determining the conditions for continuing studies after a pause of more than 2 years or switching the programme 91,10
On determining the conditions for continuing studies after a pause of more than 10 years or switching the programme 180,60
All other decisions 95,50

Issuing a duplicate:

Duplicate diploma*** 139,00
Additional copy of the annex to the diploma*** 50,00

Graduate thesis with defence (only for individuals without a status)

University programme, first-level programme (UN) 666,40
Higher education professional programme, first-level programme (VS) 532,20
Master’s programme, second-level programme 1000,40


Fee for graduation ceremony (payable only when first enrolling into the last year) 10.00
Contribution for the student council (payable upon enrolment) 3.00
Receiving SMS messages (optional – payable upon enrolment) 5.00
Withdrawal 1.81

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we do not issue certificates to third parties.
The prices do not include VAT.
Other services are charged in accordance with the University of Ljubljana Price List.

* When calculating the costs of completing the missing study requirements, the UL member takes into account the credit point value of an individual course and the tuition fees (Article 13 of the Rules) for a particular year of the study programme. The cost of taking an exam from a particular course at the UL member is calculated by determining the value of the credit point based on the tuition fees for an individual year (one credit point is valued at one sixtieth of the tuition fees); this is then multiplied by the number of credit points for the course (Article 16 of the Rules).

**The points for issuing certificates are doubled for persons without a student status.

***VAT charges apply.

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