Enrolment conditions

Enrolment conditions and criteria for selection in case of limited enrolment

Enrolment in the programme shall be possible for:
a) any person who has graduated from secondary school;
b) any person who has passed the vocational matura in any secondary school programme and an matura exam in the subject mathematics or a foreign language, where mathematics was done in a professional baccalaureate;
c) any person who has completed any four-year secondary school programme prior to 1 June 1995.

In the academic year 2022/2023, changed enrolment conditions for all university study programmes will come into force. See more.

Enrolment spaces:

Geology – bachelors degree, regular enrolment 45
Programme shall be carried out with minimum 10 enrolled students.

Programme could also be carried out in english language, provided there are at least 15 enrolled students for this language.

If the number of candidates applying for the programme exceeds the number of enrolment spaces, the candidates from items a) and c) shall be selected according to their:

  • overall performance on the general matura or final examination (50%);
  • overall performance in the 3rd and 4th years of secondary school (50%).

Candidates from item b) will be selected according to their:

  • overall performance on their vocational matura (20%);
  • overall performance in the 3rd and 4th years of secondary school (40%);
  • performance in the chosen matura course (40%).

Criteria for Crediting Knowledge and Skills obtained before Enrolment
The Faculty may choose to credit a student’s knowledge (obtained in the framework of different kinds of education) if it corresponds to the course content of the
Geology programme. The NTF’s Studies Committee is charged with crediting knowledge and skills obtained before enrolment; it does this on the basis of the student’s written application and the provided certificates or other documents proving the type of knowledge successfully acquired.

When crediting knowledge obtained before enrolment, the Studies Committee will take into account the following criteria:

  • Whether conditions for enrolling into a specific educational course are adequate (required prior education for starting the study programme);
  • Whether the scope of the completed educational course (the number of hours of prior education as compared to the scope of the course in question) adequately compares with the credited requirements,
  • Whether the areas covered by the prior education programme, which the applicant would like to have credited, adequately compare with the courses dealt with in the Faculty course.

Acquired knowledge and skills may be credited as a completed study activity if the conditions for taking part in the educational programme were the same as for enrolling into the Geology programme, if the prior educational programme encompassed at least 75% of the scope of the course and if at least 75% of its contents cover the same areas as the course which the applicant would like to have credited. In the event the Committee finds that the acquired knowledge can be credited, it is granted the same number of ECTS as awarded for the course in question.

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