Project programme will include the following working packages (WPs) and tasks (WTs):

  • WP 1. Project management and coordination throughout the complete project timeline

  • WP 2. Geological field work and analyses

    • WT 2.1 Geological mapping and profiling.
    • WT 2.2 Fracture orientation and spacing investigation.
    • WT 2.3 Mass movement and landslide mapping.
    • WT 2.4 Field sampling for mineralogical, geomechanical and slake durability tests.
  • WP 3. Geodetic field work and analyses

    • WT 3.1 Photogrammetric (PG) measurements with a remote Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
    • WT 3.2 Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS).
  • WP 4. Laboratory analyses

    • WT 4.1 Geomechanical laboratory tests of rocks.
    • WT 4.2 Mineralogical analyses.
    • WT 4.3 Analysis of influence of hydrometeorological factors on the cliff activity.
  • WP 5. Analyses of results and modeling

    • WT 5.1 Analyses of geological field investigations and results from WP 2.
    • WT 5.2 Analyses of geodetic field investigations and results from WP 3.
    • WT 5.3 Precipitation and erosivity analysis.
    • WT 5.4 Satellite PsInSAR analyses.
    • WT 5.5 Rockfall modeling.
  • WP 6. Integration and synthesis of results

  • WP 7. Dissemination of the project results

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