Dynamics of the Alpine Orogenic System

The European Alps are the most studied orogenic system in the world. The good vulnerability of the terrain provides extraordinary insight into the field evidence for the modern theory of continental collision, the emergence and development of orogenics and for the accompanying tectonic, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary processes. The course is designed as a field excursion to the classic locations of Alpine geology, where students can familiarise themselves with the following areas:

  • Pre-collisional paleogeography and major regional units.
  • Mesozoic sedimentary environments and geodynamics.
  • Subduction and collision in the Alpine domain.
  • Metamorphism and its geodynamic interpretation.
  • Syn- and post-orogenic magmatism and its products.
  • Thrust tectonics.
  • Exhumation, uplift and erosion of the orogen.
  • Orogenic collapse and extrusion.
  • Syn- and post-orogenic extension.
  • Stratigraphic evolution and dynamics of pre- and post-collisional basins.
  • Active tectonic processes in the Alpine orogen.

Geology (MAG) - Geology and Palaeontology (RGP)





TeacherMarko Vrabec

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