Introduction. Geophysical methods. Data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Forward and inverse interpretation.
Gravity methods. Principles of gravity. Reference spheroid and geoid. Gravity corrections. Bouguere anomaly. Density of rocks and minerals. Gravity meters and measurements. Data processing. Separation of gravity fields, regional-residual. Data interpretation: forward and inverse modelling. Application of gravity methods with examples. Gravity maps.
Magnetic methods. Principles of magnetism. Magnetic properties of rocks. Earth’s internal and external magnetic filed. Temporal variations and their corrections. Magnetometers and measurements. Data processing. Qualitative and quantitative interpretation. Application of magnetic methods with examples. Magnetic maps.
Geoelectrical methods. Principles of electric and electromagnetic fields. Electric properties of rocks. Self potential method. Telluric and magnetotelluric methods. Electromagnetic methods: passive and active. Qualitative and quantitative interpretation. Ground Penetration Radar. Resistivity methods. Apparent resistivity method, vertical electrical sounding and mapping. Induced polarisation. Acquisition, processing and interpretation of different electrical and EM methods with examples and applications.
Seismic methods. Elastic properties of solid materials. Different types of seismic waves. Seismic velocities in rocks. Seismic sources, geophones and seismographs. Seismic reflection method. Corrections and processing of reflection data. Geological interpretation. Seismic refraction method. Field procedures and data processing. Deep seismic sounding. Seismic tomography. Application of seismic method.
Geothermy. Sources of Earth’s heat. Transfer of heath in the Earth, conduction, convection, radiation, advection. Geothermal properties in the Earth’s interior. Heat Flow Density. Earth’s heat and global tectonics. Determination of temperature, geochemical methods, geophysical methods. Geothermal energy.

Geology (UN)





TeacherAndrej Gosar
AssistantGoran Vižintin

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