FORMATION OF MINERALS: magma crystallization, precipitation from solutions, crystallization during metamorphosis.
MINERAL PROPERTIES: properties related to the crystal structure (shape, habitus); properties based on the interaction of the mineral with light (lustre, color, line color, transparency, luminescence, optical phenomena); mechanical properties (cleavage and fracture, hardness, strength); properties related to the mass of the mineral (density, specific gravity); other properties (magnetism, radioactivity, solubility in acids, sensible properties, electrical properties).
CRYSTAL AND MINERAL CHEMISTRY: basic building blocks of minerals, chemical bonds in minerals, variability of chemical composition of minerals, exolution lamellas, calculation of mineral formula, graphic representation of mineral composition, mineral reactions, mineral stability.
SYSTEMATICS AND IDENTIFICATION OF MINERALS: cryostalochemical classification of minerals in 8 classes, (1) native elements, (2) sulphides (simple sulfides and sulfosols), (3) halids (simple halides, double halides, oxyhalids), (4) oxides and hydroxides, (5) carbonates, nitrates, borates, (6) sulfates, chromates, molybdates, tungstates, (7) phosphates, arsenates, vanadates, (8) silicates (nezo-, soro-, cyclo-, ino-, phyllo-, tecto-).

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