Physical chemistry

Basic concepts: System, system state and properties, state functions, equilibrium.
Equations of state: Ideal gas, van der Waals, virial, gas mixtures.
Law of thermodynamics: Heat, work, reversible and irreversible processes, internal energy, enthalpy, heat capacity, thermodynamics of ideal gas.
Thermochemistry: Reaction heat, calorimetry, Hess law, Kirchhoff’s law.
III law of thermodynamics: Entropy, entropy and equilibrium; Equilibrium conditions for closed systems: Helmholtz and Gibbs free energy; thermodynamic potentials, dependence of thermodynamic functions on temperature and pressure; III law of thermodynamics.
Phase equilibria: Phase, component, degrees of freedom, phase rule, phase diagrams, Clapeyron and Clausius-Clapeyron equation.
Solutions: Ideal and nonideal solutions, chemical potential, thermodynamics of mixing; Colligative properties: Osmotic pressure, boiling point elevation, freezing point depression.
Chemical equilibrium: Equilibrium constant and its temperature dependence, homogeneous and heterogeneous equilibria.

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