Basics of Stratigraphy: history and development of stratigraphy as a science, definitions and principles of stratigraphic analysis
Sampling methods and visual presentations of stratigraphic data
Stratigraphic units (stratigraphic systems):
Lithostratigraphy: classification and types of lithostratigraphic units, unit’s boundaries, disconformities.
Biostratigraphy: leading fossils, types and determination of biostratigraphic units, definitions, boundaries
Event Stratigraphy: overview and recognition of stratigraphically relevant events, correlation, use
Chemostratigraphy: review of techniques, definition of chemostratigraphic units, isotope chemostratigraphy
Magnetostratigraphy: definitions, classifications, magnetostratigraphic polarity units
Sequence Stratigraphy: definitions, recognition, terminology, correlation
Cyclostratigraphy: recognition, methods of analysis, correlation
Standard chronostratigraphic and geochronologic time scale
Sedimentary basins: global geodynamics and origin of sedimentary basins
Sedimentary environments: overview of sedimentary environments with focus on basic sedimentary facies types.
Sedimentary evolution of the present-day Slovenian territory in the light of the Variscian orogenic cycle: general review, Devonian passive margin, lower Carboniferous flischoid and Upper Carboniferous to Permian molasse sedimentation.
Sedimentary evolution of the present-day Slovenian territory in the light of the Alpine orogenic cycle: general review, late Permian to Jurassic complex rifting and development of passive margins, cretaceous tectonic inversion into convergent regime, cenozoic collision
Postorogenic extension of the eastern Slovenian territory; sedimentary evolution of the Paratethys.

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TeacherBoštjan Rožič
AssistantTomislav Popit

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