Stories of Montanistika in the world of virtual reality

Welcome! This links on the sketch of the building lead you in the three-dimensional space and provide you with an interactive presentation of stones that adore the Montanistika building.

The Montanistika building was designed in 1937 by architect France Tomažič. The two hammers above the entrance serve to indicate the meaning of the word montanistika (montanistics), which derives from the Latin word for mountain (mons). Montanistics is the science of ores and mining, and develops knowledge about the extraction of minerals from the Earth’s crust. Today, the building houses the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

The building interior is decorated with some of the most beautiful architectural stones from Slovenia, joined by a few stones from the area of the former Yugoslavia, while two of the recently installed stones are of foreign origin. The stones used are also interesting because they represent all three basic groups of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous.

We invite you to come in and discover the stories hidden in the stones of Montanistika.

  1. Crossed hammers
  2. Entry stairway
  3. Hall
  4. Stairway
  5. Elevator
  6. Reading room

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