Chair of Metallography

Chair of Metallography

Prof. Boštjan Markoli, DrSc
Tel: +386 1 4704 614

Assoc. prof. Iztok Naglič, DrSc
Tel: +386 1 4704 631

assist. prof. Blaž Leskovar, DrSc
Tel: + 386 1 4704 548

assist. Adam Zaky, mag.eng.metal. and mater.  tech.assist.

The Chair of Metallography is responsible for providing courses in the area of physical metallurgy and materials. These include: Fundamentals of physical metallurgy, Metallography, Physical metallurgy I and II, Analysis of structure and composition, Materials design, Solidification and constitution of metal materials, Structure and properties of materials, Surface physics and chemistry and Synthesis of materials. All these are basic theoretical courses that provide basic and in-depth knowledge necessary for understanding the structure, behaviour and applications of traditional materials as well as for innovative verifications of modern materials and planning and development of new metal and non-metal materials. Through these courses, students acquire skills for independent work for characterisation and development activities related to the composition, structure and properties of materials.

The Chair staff are engaged in basic research as well as industrial development projects at home and abroad. Our research focuses on: nucleation, crystallisation and solidification processes, constitution of alloy systems, development of microstructure and properties of precipitation hardening, modification of iron, copper and aluminium alloys, structure of intermetallic compounds, combining of metal materials, nucleation and development of thin metal layers and basic characterisation of materials. From these areas, students can choose topics for their diploma, master’s and doctoral theses. Frequently, students are engaged in research before they start with their own diploma.

The Chair of Metallography cooperates with other chairs of the Department of Materials and Metallurgy and other faculties of the University of Ljubljana and maintains professional contacts with other institutions at home and abroad. The main focus in on basic research, while there are also projects where technological solutions to problems are sought: e.g. transformations from liquid to solid, transformations in solid state and studying the development of a microstructure and physical and metallurgical properties at a macro-, micro- and nano-level. The Chair is equipped with the necessary laboratory apparatuses, e.g. heating devices for microsynthesis and thermal processing of metals, modern equipment for sampling and preparation of samples (light and electron microscopy) and software for the analysis and interpretation of research results in the field of light microscopy, visual and structural electron microscopy, X-ray phase and structural analysis, atomic force microscopy (AFM), secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES).

Laboratory of Metallography:
The laboratory of Metallography has been designed to combine research and pedagogical work. Its activities are oriented towards research, determination and characterisation of microstructures of metal-based materials. Students learn how to practically use the equipment.

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