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On this page, you can find everything connected to registering your topic, writing your doctoral thesis and defending your thesis at the third-level programme offered by the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design.

During your studies
For every subject passed, doctoral students must submit the “Exam Completion Certificate” – signed by the relevant professor – to the Student Administration Office. Also you have to submit a report on attendance on organised lectures.

Doctoral thesis
The condition for completing the study programme and obtaining the academic title Doctor of Science is for the candidate to successfully complete all the requirements demanded by the programme and successfully defend his or her doctoral thesis. The doctoral candidate is required to publish at least one scientific article on the subject of his or her thesis; it must be published in one of the SCI, SSCI or A&HCI indexed journals. The doctoral candidate must be the first author of the article. The scientific article must be published or accepted for publication before the defence of the doctoral thesis.

Registering the topic
The student is required to register the topic of his or her doctoral thesis during Year 2 of the third-level doctoral study programme. By the end of February of the current year, the student must submit the “Application for registering the doctoral thesis topic” with all the necessary appendices.

Based on the application, the student receives a confirmed committee for evaluating the suitability of the topic; this committee is also present at the presentation of the topic of the doctoral thesis. The topic presentations take place in the middle of March of the current year.

Conditions for mentors / co-mentors

The Office of Doctoral Studies at the University of Ljubljana gives the following conditions for mentors: The minimal requirements for demonstrating the mentor’s research activities – in the case of basic research – is a bibliography of the past five years’ worth a 150 points according to SICRIS and also more than zero points on A1/2 important achievements
The co-mentor may be suggested only if the topic of the doctoral thesis is interdisciplinary or if the mentor is not employed full-time or additionally at the University of Ljubljana.

Instructions for writing the thesis

The doctoral thesis is prepared following the instructions given by the mentor and in accordance with the rules on doctoral studies. The attachment contains instructions for writing the first inside pages of the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral thesis topics validity

  • A doctoral candidate enrolled in a four-year doctoral study programme shall submit their doctoral dissertation four years after being confirmed by the University of Ljubljana’s Doctoral Studies Committee
  • A doctoral candidate enrolled in a four-year doctoral study programme shall submit their doctoral dissertation to the member faculty in electronic and written form, together with the consent of the mentor and co-mentor, within two years following enrolment in the final year of the study programme or following enrolment in an additional year.

Instructions for submitting the thesis before the presentation
Once mentor confirms that the doctoral thesis is adequate, the student then sends it via e-mail to the other committee members for review and they in turn provide potential corrections.

Presentation of the research work

During the final phase of research work and when it is already possible to draw conclusions in accordance with established hypotheses and research questions, the doctoral candidate shall submit a draft of the doctoral dissertation to the members of the committee, mentor and co-mentor, and present the results of their research work, with an emphasis on the main findings and contribution to science.

A report shall be drawn up on the presentation and shall include the written questions of members of the committee and the decision regarding the success/failure of the presentation. If corrections to the draft doctoral dissertation are required, the committee shall set a deadline by which the doctoral candidate shall resubmit their draft. That deadline shall not exceed one year.

Submitting final version of PhD

With the agreement of mentor student uploads final work in VIS student system.

When submitting their doctoral dissertation, the doctoral candidate shall submit a written statement confirming (printed out from VIS) that the dissertation is the result of their independent work and that the printed copy is identical to the electronic copy, and shall give their consent to the use of the electronic version of the dissertation for the purpose of the software-supported checking of content for plagiarism. The doctoral candidate shall also transfer to the University the right to reproduction, including the right to electronic storage and the right to make the doctoral dissertation available to the public on the internet via the UL’s Repository, free-of-charge, and without limitations or spatial or time restrictions.

The information on number of hard copies of PhD that needs to be submitted is available in students office.

Evaluation of PhD by the members of the commission

Members of the committee to monitor the doctoral candidate prepare the assessment of PhD thesis.

When assessments are confirmed by the Senate, the student may defend the thesis. The defence is possible 8 days after being confirmed by the Faculty’s Senate at the earliest and in one month after being confirmed by the Senate at the latest.

After the successful defence of the doctoral thesis, the student receives a temporary certificate on finishing his or her studies; it is valid until the original diploma is issued – the student receives it at the doctoral award ceremony (promotion). The procedure for the promotion begins immediately after the student’s scientific article is published. In the event the article was already published, the procedure starts immediately; otherwise, it is launched only when the student forwards a certificate proving publication to the Student Administration Office.

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