Forming of metal materials

Goals: acquisition of skills for experimental testing, evaluation and simple model description of formability of materials for cold and hot working and hot forming in valence and processed input state. The course conveys awareness about important influences of chemical composition, microstructure and thermo-mechanical maintenance of plastic state on the forming properties and relates this to the influences on a series of deformations in hot and cold state. The topics covered are: understanding and analytical description of the influence of hardening and softening in continuous casting procedures and the influence on the formation of the required microstructure; fundamentals of the theory of plasticity and the influences on loads, work required for the process and estimation of yield point; the fundamentals of the material/tool process, including its tribological complexity; importance of material flow for ensuring homogeneous properties of the product in the most important forming procedures. Students will be able to understand the methodological steps in creating an end-product with no inner flaws for various metal materials and different input states; deformation maps. Students acquire the skill of planning laboratory tests for verifying and evaluating formability on the basis of similarity theory for the observed forming process.

Metallurgical technology (VS)






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