Desing for manufacture

Students acquire methodology for the development of new products based on market analysis or potential customer demands, i.e. different technological pathways in manufacturing products by considering environmental, ecological and economic factors. Topics include: definition and interpretation of market needs, i.e. a product with specific dimensions and properties and anticipated quantity of products, elaboration of ideas for satisfying market needs, production viability based on previous experience, possible additional research for obtaining data on process parameters, precise planning of new products and planning different technological pathways for product manufacturing, feasibility studies of technological pathways by considering availability of equipment and tools, their characteristics and types of materials needed, economic factors and target properties (shape, dimension, mechanical properties, etc.) and final manufacturing of the product. Different pathways towards end products will be discussed: casting, forging, welding and cutting-off procedures. Within each pathway, several manufacturing variants will be presented with consideration to the dimension and mechanical properties of the product as well as economic aspects and environmental issues.

Metallurgical technology (VS)





TeacherMilan Terčelj

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