Steelmaking II

Steel as a mass material with extraordinary mechanical and other valuable properties enables a wide range of use. The primary objective of this course is first to demonstrate the importance of steel as a unique material in the development of mankind in relation to all environmental problems. In this course, students will learn the processes of steel and ferroalloy production. The course provides knowledge about the chemical composition and properties of steel and their applicability. They will gain insight into the importance of raw materials such as pig iron, scrap metal and metallised pellets and additives, which are needed in the production of high-quality steel grades. Theoretical knowledge gained from the basic courses and from the individual partial processes will be linked together with the steelmaking technological process. They will gain a correct attitude towards materials, raw materials, energy saving and environmental protection. They will learn how to make various types of steels and alloys, from non-alloyed to high-alloyed. Various casting processes, continuous and close to final dimensions, will be presented. Students will gain knowledge on processes and production planning.
Another objective is that students expand knowledge obtained from the course Pyrometallurgy of iron and alloys. The knowledge will enable students to understand the processes in the steelmaking industry, and they will be capable of innovative thinking, which will serve as the basis for further study.
Students will be able to evaluate the processes in terms of energy efficiency and from the viewpoint of environmental protection

Metalurgija in materiali (MAG)






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