Enrolment for freshmen (1st level)

Submitting the application Enrolment
1st application from 5/2 to 5/3/2015 from 27/7 to 07/08/2015
2nd application from 21/8 to 28/08/2015 from 25/9 to 30/09/2015
3rd application from 1/10 to 05/10/2015 from 6/10 to 09/10/2015

Study applications are the same for all candidates and take place through the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport website (the eVŠ portal): http://portal.evs.gov.si/prijava/

If the candidate does not enrol by the official deadline, he or she loses the possibility to enrol in the current academic year.

The entrance exam will take place between 2/07/2015 and 3/07/2015.

1. Students from abroad:

The enrolment procedure and deadlines are the same as for Slovenian citizens. Candidates can get information on the enrolment procedure at the University of Ljubljana. Foreign candidates are required to submit an application recognising education at the University of Ljubljana.

Tel.: +386 (1) 2418-505
Tel.: +386 (1) 2418-508

Tel.: +386 (1) 2418-595

Enrolment places:

GMT – Regular 3
GMT – Part-time 2

2. Concurrent enrolment and graduates:

Only Graphic and Media Technology – part-time (2 places). There are NO enrolment places for regular studies for graduates and concurrent-study programme students.
Application from 1/9/2015 to 17/9/2015.

3. Enrolment according to transfer criteria

Application from 1/9/2015 to 17/9/2015 (for OTO, the application is possible until 1/6/2015)

Enrolment places:

NTO – Year 2 2
GIK – Year 2 3
OTO – Year 2 2
PTO – Year 2 5
GMT – Regular – Year 2 3
GMT – Part-time – Year 2 2

Frequently asked questions:

How can candidates transfer from another faculty?+

Students wishing to switch their study programme that have not yet taken advantage of this right or the right to repeat a year must apply according to the same procedure as all other candidates; the first application must be submitted through the eVŠ web portal by 5 March 2015.

What is the enrolment procedure for candidates that have already graduated or are already enrolled at one of the faculties in the Republic of Slovenia?+

Graduates and concurrent-study candidates as well as students who will graduate in 2014/2015 may only apply to graduate enrolment places and those reserved for concurrent studies. You may submit your application using the electronic form found at the eVŠ portal from 1 to 17/9/2015.
During the 2015/2016 academic year, graduates and candidates for concurrent studies may only apply to free places in Graphic and Media Technology. Regular study programmes have no free places for graduates or candidates for concurrent studies.

What can I do if the entrance exam is on the same day as an entrance exam at another faculty?+

You must contact the Student Administration Office at the FNSE-DT: barbara.lavrinc@ntf.uni-lj.si

A candidate would like to enrol in the university study programme, however he or she only has a vocational matura.+

The candidate is required to pass a fifth subject. The subject may be chosen at liberty; it is not specifically determined.


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