Dejan Petrović

Diploma thesis, Academic year 2015/2016, Mentor Assoc. Prof. Elena Fajt


The collection was inspired by the phylosophy of Jean-Jeacques Rousseau about the natural human and his writings in The Social Contract in which he asks the question whether we are truly born free and what are we as human beings. Are we the way we are by nature, or do we allow ourselves to change our nature so we can become part of society.

The artists and writers of the surrealistic movement had a similar outlook on humanity, who stated that we are by nature destructive and do not deserve beautiful works of art, which prompted artists to create anti art. So the main idea was to philosophically be inspired by us and with the question what are we as human beings? What are our flaws? Why are we like we are? How can we treat others around us badly and why do we allow ourselves to be treated badly? Its funny, yet sad how in the 21st century we still treat anyone different than us and we still fight over the same problems like we did centuries ago as we can see in Rousseau’s as well as in the writings of the surrealism poets and writers.
At birth we put baby boys in blue and baby girls in pink and with that we force a newborn child to sign Rousseau’s social contract so we aren’t even born free, but we can become free if we are brave enough.

The answer to the question “Why is humanity the way it is” is really simple, but hard to comprehend. We do not have the heart nor the backbone, which were the two visual elements that play a strong role in the collection itself and in the editorials.

Photography/Samantha Kandinsky, Make up/Maja Razboršek, Hair/Hana Kuret, Models/Anja Smaka, Eva Skok, Postproduction/Dejan Petrović, Samantha Kandinsky, Video/Dejan Petrović

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