Lucija Jankovec

Diploma thesis 2013/2014, mentor prof. Elena Fajt

Concepts of sustainable methodologies that are present in the collection are re- concepts – reuse, redesign, recycling. Collections Add-quant and add no.2 are based on the use of allready used garments in combination with other waste textiles. During the realization of collections no new pieces of fabric had been used nor purchased. The total sum of costs for the two new collections, which included production of sixteen items for eight finished looks, amounted 13.75 eur.

Collections are made of woven textiles, since its characteristic is strong connectedness of warp and weft. Collections are the resault of research concentrated on what happens to the fabric when warp and weft treads are removed, and what happens if we withdraw both sets of threads. The expression for extraction technique of uninterweaving the warp and the weft threads is authorial and it is called unweaving– withdrawal of weaving threads.

Collections represent a possible starting point to enter the market. The method of collections development provides the possibility of how to offer a collection or a line of modern and aesthetically designed garments with minimal costs to the market and simultaneously concider enviromental and social impact on the enviroment as well as the personal role in the market.

Photo/ Sarah Rman and Janez Marolt, u.d.i.a.

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