STYLO award 2021

The winner of this year’s competition for young fashion designers STYLO is Zala Hrastar, a student of the master’s study of Textile and Fashion Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UL OTGO.

At the  STYLO young fashion designers fashion show which took place on 16th September 2021 in the Protocol and event hall of St. Francis of Assisi in Koper, designer Zala Hrastar presented a collection entitled A walk down memory lane. This year’s theme Stylo Fahion was Fifth Element. The expert commission, which consisted of fashion expert and journalist Lorella Flego, editor-in-chief of Elle Slovenia magazine Petra Windschnurer and fashion designer and founder of Benedetti Life Mateja Benedetti, awarded Zala Hrastar, a promising young fashion designer with the mail prize, which includes the commission’s professional award, presentation in Elle magazine and a cash prize worth two thousand euros. In addition to her studies, Zala runs her own loabel Morja, which is based on the principle of sustainability, design from waste clothing and materials, and awareness.

Presentation of the collection concept:


Author: Zala Hrastar

”A walk down memory lane” is a story about dreams, longing, life and transience.
My focal inspiration evoked in slovenian city Kranj. Amazed by citys’ rich textile
history; colourful textile sample books and the city’s family Pirc; the way they worked
together and with their surroundings.
I took a look around my surroundings. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am
I going?
I found myself around well too known walls, saturated by familiar sounds and words
of our days, colours and textures of our paths. I was home.
”A walk down memory lane” is an expression of gratitude for all that was and for all
that is ahead.
It’s a family; perfect in all of the imperfections.
Textiles represent portraits and their extracts – characters.
Patchworks of emotion, because we grow and evolve everyday. I am not the way I
was yesterday, and tomorrow will reflect today. I can be fragile, I can be sound. I
know I am.
Using waste textiles, knitwear cutoffs, vintage lace curtains, soft cotton fabric from
last century and waste that is made when knitting socks I made new structures,
textures and textiles. Using old photographs I made a pattern and digitally printed it
on a soft cotton canvas.
These new textiles I brought up into a third form; body.
4 silhouettes were created, each carrying it’s own story. These stories I wrote down
into four poems and put to music with help of my brother Aljaž and musical friend
You can listen to EP titteled ”Sprehod med spomini”.
I also created a digital collage book that I later printed out on vintage textile, which
connects all emotions and feelings with imagery.
This project was created as my 1st year MA studies under mentorship of Jenko
Marija, at Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering in year 2020/2021, Ljubljana
and was presented for public as part of Textile art biennial BIEN 2021 in Layer house
in Kranj. (26.5.2021 – 14.8.2021)

Models: sisters and a brother Maja, Aljaž, Ana in Zala
Photography: Anja Papuga @anjapapuga
MUA & haira: Špela Hudobivnik @spelahudobivnik
Assistant: Maja Gazvoda @mayagazvoda

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