Maja Leskovšek

School year 2014/2015, mentor Assoc. Prof. Nataša Peršuh

The Future Overcomes Numbness

The collection is part of my Master’s project, which considers design fiction as a method for concept development, when designing a clothing collection.
Design fiction is about liberating design practices from industry and market demands, economical and political circumstances and current technological limits. It guides designers towards provocative thinking – forming new problems and question regarding the future. Design fiction plays with the idea of parallel worlds – “worlds that could exist” and designs for them.

A unique authorial concept presents a dystopian future landscape, where the evolution of technology caused the population to become physically and emotionally numb. The Future Overcomes Numbness tries to stimulate and provoke the viewer to feel again.

We experience the dystopian world through the eyes of RU. She is the main fictional character, for whom the collection is designed. RU tries to cope with her numb dystopian reality by creating an imaginary personal utopia, where she goes to make herself feel. This parallel world is built on sensation. It is full of texture and possesses all analogue subtleties. She starts to bring impressions from her imaginary world into her reality. Using wide silhouettes with different kinds of texture she walks around and tries to provoke the numb population around her to feel again.

Photography/Matej Zobavnik & Katarina Zakonjšek, Model/Klara Barbara Krajnc, Hair/MareDresuraFrizure, Make-up/Tjaša Založnik

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