Academic calendar


Based on the valid Higher Education Act and in accordance the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana the University draws up the Academic Calendar for the 2018/19 academic year. During both semesters of organised teaching work, 15 working weeks are ensured. In the event the study programme also includes industrial work placement, its duration must not exceed 42 weeks in an individual academic year. The Calendar guarantees three exam periods. Members have free reign to decide when to have exam dates. Whenever possible, there should be more than one date in the same period and students must have the option of taking an exam 3 times before enrolling into the next year.

1st Semester

From and including Up to and including
Organised teaching work Monday, 01/10/2018 Friday, 25/01/2019
Winter exam period Monday, 28/01/2019 Friday, 22/02/2019

During the 1st semester there will be no organised forms of education on 2nd November, and also from 24th December 2018 until 3rd January 2019

2nd Semester

From and including Up to and including
Organised teaching work Monday, 25/02/2019 Friday, 07/06/2019
Spring exam period Monday, 10/06/2019 Friday, 05/07/2019
Autumn exam period Monday, 19/08/2019 Friday 13/09/2019

During the Summer Semester, the following day – in addition to holidays – will also be free (no lectures): 3rd May

University Week in Ljubljana is set to take place from Monday, 03/12/2018 to Friday, 07/12/2018.

According to Article 4 of the FNSE Examination Rules, an individual academic year should have 5 exam dates. We recommend that in addition to three exam periods, students also have the possibility of taking exams outside these periods; however, because of the enrolment procedure, they should not be scheduled after 13/09/2019, unless the teaching process (field work) requires it. We ask that you follow Article 6 of the Examination Rules and inform the SAO about the approximate dates for the examinations before the start of the academic year.


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