About diploma degree

On this page, you can find everything related to registering a topic, writing a thesis and defending it in the framework of first-level programmes offered by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Where do I get the application form and when do I need to register the topic of my diploma thesis+

Diploma thesis topic must be registered in the final year of study by April 15. You will find the application form on the Forms and applications web site.

Where to submit the application form+

Application form signed by the mentor should be submitted to the Student’s office.

When and how will I be informed about the approval of my diploma thesis topic+

Confirmation of the diploma thesis topic and names of the members of the evaluation commission will be sent to you by e-mail.

Validity of the diploma thesis topic+

Validity of the diploma thesis topic is one year and can be prolonged for another year. Student must submit application form prior to the expiration date of the diploma thesis topic.

When am I required to pay for the defence of my thesis?+

Information about payment of the defense of diploma and master’s theses

All those being enrolled into study programme in school year 2015/2016 and those having a student status in 2016/2017 will not have to pay for the defence of diploma and master’s theses immediately after losing the status. More precisely:

  • Those who have already been without status for one year (had it in 15/16 and don’t have it in 16/17) can defend your final work free of charge until September 30, 2018.
  • Those having a status this year and will not have it in 17/18 will be able to defend their final work free of charge until September 30, 2019.
  • Those who have been without status for 2 years – things remain the same for you – if you do not graduate until 30 September 2017 you will have to pay for the defence of the diploma work starting October 1st.

Al the others will be charged for the defence of your final work immediately after losing your student status

Submission and defence of the thesis+

Final work should be submitted at least ten days prior to the defence. In exceptional cases, this period may be shortened.

When student wants to complete its studies in September, a hard bounded copy of final work together with a written consent of the members of the assessment commission must be submitted by the end of August.


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