About doctoral thesis

On this page, you can find everything connected to registering your topic, writing your doctoral thesis and defending your thesis at the third-level programme offered by the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design.

During your studies
For every subject passed, doctoral students must submit the “Exam Completion Certificate” – signed by the relevant professor – to the Student Administration Office.

Doctoral thesis
The condition for completing the study programme and obtaining the academic title Doctor of Science is for the candidate to successfully complete all the requirements demanded by the programme and successfully defend his or her doctoral thesis. The doctoral candidate is required to publish at least one scientific article on the subject of his or her thesis; it must be published in one of the SCI, SSCI or A&HCI indexed journals. The doctoral candidate must be the first author of the article. The scientific article must be published or accepted for publication before the defence of the doctoral thesis.

Registering the topic
The student is required to register the topic of his or her doctoral thesis during Year 2 of the third-level doctoral study programme. By the end of January of the current year, the student must submit the “Application for registering the doctoral thesis topic” with all the necessary appendices.
In addition to the application, the student must also submit the “Statement on the use and processing of personal data” form which is necessary for applying to, defending and promoting the doctoral thesis.

Based on the application, the student receives a confirmed committee for evaluating the suitability of the topic; this committee is also present at the presentation of the topic of the doctoral thesis. The topic presentations take place in the middle of March of the current year.

The Office of Doctoral Studies at the University of Ljubljana gives the following conditions for mentors: The minimal requirements for demonstrating the mentor’s research activities – in the case of basic research – is a bibliography of the past five years worth a 100 points according to SICRIS; in the case of applied research, the potential mentor must have 40 points and must provide proof of the success of transferring the results of the project into practice. This also applies to co-mentors.
The co-mentor may be suggested only if the topic of the doctoral thesis is interdisciplinary or if the mentor is not employed full-time or additionally at the University of Ljubljana.

Instructions for writing the thesis
The doctoral thesis is prepared following the instructions given by the mentor and in accordance with the rules on doctoral studies. The attachment contains instructions for writing the first inside pages of the doctoral thesis.

Instructions for submitting the thesis
The doctoral thesis topic is valid for four years following confirmation by the University of Ljubljana’s Doctoral Studies Committee.
Once the mentor confirms that the doctoral thesis is adequate, the student then sends it via e-mail to the other committee members for review and they in turn provide potential corrections. After all corrections have been made, the student forwards spiral-bound copies for all the members of the committee to the Student Administration Office; this must be done before the topic expires (four years after the Doctoral Studies Committee of the University of Ljubljana has confirmed it). The Student Administration Office puts a date-of-receipt stamp on the front page of each copy and then forwards them to the committee members.
At this moment, the student must have a scientific article which is at least confirmed for publication (the mentor is required to make a note of it in the grade awarded for the doctoral thesis).
The committee member gives his or her evaluation of the doctoral thesis in three months from receiving the spiral-bound thesis and then submits it to the Student Administration Office. The student then submits one hard-bound copy of the thesis, the Indeks booklet and a statement of authorship, also giving permission for public release. The Student Administration Office forwards the grades of the doctoral thesis and one copy of the thesis to the FNSE Studies Committee and to the FNSE Senate.
Once the grades (and consequently the thesis) have been confirmed, the student submits hard-bound copies of the thesis to the Student Administration Office, as well as one copy of the thesis on a CD.
The number of copies depends on the number of committee members. One copy per member + 5 copies for libraries (the FNSE-TD, the Central Technological Library and the Maribor University Library get one copy each, while two copies go to the National and University Library (NUK). Thus, if the student has four committee members, he or she is required to submit 9 copies of the doctoral thesis to the Student Administration Office (the copy given to the SC and the Senate for confirmation is returned to the student; if he or she does not need it, it may count as one of the copies that need to be submitted to the Office).
When it is confirmed by the Senate, the student may defend the thesis. The defence is possible 8 days after being confirmed by the FNSE Senate at the earliest and in one month after being confirmed by the Senate at the latest.
After the successful defence of the doctoral thesis, the student receives a temporary certificate on finishing his or her studies; it is valid until the original diploma is issued – the student receives it at the doctoral award ceremony (promotion).
The procedure for the promotion begins immediately after the student’s scientific article is published. In the event the article was already published, the procedure starts immediately; otherwise, it is launched only when the student forwards a certificate proving publication to the Student Administration Office.


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