The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering was created when the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Technology at the University of Ljubljana was reorganised in 1994. It hosts four departments:

  • Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design
  • Department of Materials and Metallurgy,
  • Department of Geology and
  • Department of Geotechnology, Mining and Environment.
Our studies+

The study of mining and geology first began in 1919 with the foundation of the University of Ljubljana; an independent study programme of Metallurgy was launched in 1939 within this section, while the study of textiles began as part of the Department of Chemical Technology in 1956. Chemical education and computer sciences were launched in 1982. Since 1961, the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design has been offering Textile Technology studies; in 1979, this was expanded with Textile and Clothing Design and then Graphic Technology in 1996.

The Faculty is very diverse and offers a wide array of disciplines. It nurtures basic, applied and developmental research in geology, mining, geotechnology, material sciences, metallurgy, textile engineering, graphic technology, textile, fashion and graphic design and IT.



Education, research and design for a modern, sustainable and responsible society.

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, we understand the challenges of modern society. We therefore actively co-create it with education, research and design in the fields of geology, geotechnology, graphic arts, materials and metallurgy, textiles, and textile and clothing design. We focus on excellence, creative solutions and placement in the international environment.


The culture of operation of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering is based on the values that we share with our partners within the framework of our educational and research mission.

KnowledgeDiscovering, understanding and imparting knowledge is the foundation of our mission.

InnovationWe strengthen and encourage the innovation of all employees and students, hence discovering new possibilities and horizons.

ResponsibilityWe are responsible and sustainable towards ourselves, our colleagues, students, business partners, the society and the environment.

InterdisciplinarityWe are interdisciplinary in our essence, as we bring together different disciplines in the fields of science, technology and art, helping us see more.

CooperationWe build good relationships at the highest level of respect and trust with all stakeholders, both inside and outside the Faculty.

Contemporary traditionWe intertwine modern and classic. We use positive experiences from the past to shape the future.


Leading interdisciplinary educational institution.

By 2027, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering will be among the most recognisable interdisciplinary institutions in the fields of geology, geotechnology, graphic arts, materials and metallurgy, textile and clothing design, and textiles in the domestic and international space. In these fields, we will be a leader in providing quality and student-centred education and research.

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