Publishing OTGO

Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design has since 1991 also organised publishing activities. Up to now, the department has published over 100 volumes in the areas of textiles, fashion design and graphic arts, in printed and electronic forms. Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design’ publishing activity includes monographs, textbooks and other study materials, miscellanies of various contributions from scientific and professional symposiums and study material written for seminars. The above-mentioned literature can be purchased on the ground floor at the reception desk (Snežniška 5).

When discussing publishing activities, it is worth mentioning that some departments also publish their own professional journals. The oldest such journal published by the Faculty is the Mining and Metallurgy Quarterly (Rudarsko-metalurški zborniki), which first started being published regularly in 1953; today, four issues are published annually. In 1998, it changed its name to RMZ – Materials and Geoenvironment (RMZ – Materiali in geookolje). The journal Geološki zbornik, which is issued once in two years, is published by the Department of Geology. The Tekstilec journal, which has been regularly published since 1958, has been issued by the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design since 2007. Four volumes are released each year.

(ISSN: 0351-3386 print, e-ISSN 2350-3696 online)
is the journal of Slovenian textile professionals. It provides fundamental and applied scientific information on physical, chemical and engineering sciences related to the textile industry. Its professional and research articles refer to fibres and testing, chemical and mechanical textile technology, technical textiles and their application as well as other fields associated with textile technology and design and the textile and clothing industry, e.g. development, application and manufacture of natural and man-made fibres, yarns and fabrics, design, marketing, ecology, ergonomics, education in textile sector, cleaning of textiles, etc. The journal is divided into two parts. In the first part, scientific contributions are published (they may also be published in the English language); i.e. fundamental research articles (original scientific and review, preliminary communication), short communications and technical articles. The second part, written only in the Slovenian language, includes short articles about textile-technology novelties from Slovenia and around the world, information on dry cleaning and washing technology from the viewpoint of textile materials and ecology, brief information about the Slovenian and worldwide textile and clothing industry as well as articles on textile design.


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