3D printed jewelery ReForma Viva

Master students of textile and clothing design present 3D printed jewelry at a documentary exhibition
entitled Re / Forma viva on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors
in the Božidar Jakac Gallery in Kostanjevica na Krki.

The exhibition is on view from 2 July to 26 September. 2021

VIDEO (assembly assist. Andrej Učakar):

Jewelry collections were created in the subject Digital Design 4b.

Each student chose one of the sculptures, analyzed it and tried to transfer the basic idea of the author as authentically as possible into jewelry. Initially, it was necessary to make a model of the sculpture, where they learned 3D modeling in the Blender program. This was followed by the transformation of the sculpture into functional jewelry – especially earrings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces and collars. The jewelry was partially printed on printers at NTF, and the printing with metal was performed in the company Dentas in Maribor. In this way, students tested themselves in two new areas that allow them to expand their work – in the field of 3D modeling and in the field of jewelry design.

Mentors: Prof. Karin Košak, Prof. dr. Deja Muck, Assist. Prof. dr. Tanja Nuša Kočevar, Tech. Asist. Marjeta Čuk


  • Kaja Bakan / Tower of Babel / John Oxman
  • Lucija Bostič / Penta / Reinhold Neururer
  • Masha Brna / Samurai / Hidemasa Fujimaki
  • Ines Cheperlin / River / Nigel Ross
  • Jurij Fidel / Slovene Sun / Taizo Murakami
  • Zala Hrastar / Tree Circle for Brigita / Heiner Richner
  • Anita Miklavčič / T element / Dragica Čadež
  • Ema Uršič / The Beat of Life / Samo Škobrne
  • Anže Mrak / Balancing Nature / Karen Macher Nesta
  • Anja Matičič / Friendship / Villas Bossi
  • Filip Vujović / Allegory to the Province / Darko Golija
  • Jovana Tomić / Remains of the Nude / Mustafa Skopljak
  • Špela Košir / Untitled / Dušan Tršar
  • Natalija Krašovec / Allegory of the Province / Darko Golija
  • Pia Hocevar Mucic / Legs /
  • Hana Tavčar / White Cloud / Ratko Petrić
  • Tina Dovjak / Bread / Denis Kraskovic
  • Katrin Dinner / Transition / Ryszard Litwiniuk
  • Ajda Rep / Dialogue / Primož Pugelj
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