Confidential advisor

The University of Ljubljana wants to create the environment that guarantees respect for the dignity of all people. Therefore, it has established a network of confidential advisors for the protection of dignity in its faculties, to whom students and staff can turn in cases of violence, sexual and other harassment, and bullying. The basic tasks of a confidential advisor are to provide help and support to the victim, in particular a safe place to talk, to familiarise the victim with their rights, to inform them of the possibilities and procedures, to advise and help them take further steps.

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, there is zero tolerance for any kind of torture, harassment, sexual harassment, or any other form of violence. We commit ourselves to actively create a place for mutual respect, protection of dignity, trust and acceptance of diversity at the Faculty.

We provide a safe place and protection for all victims of any kind of violence, as well as consistent implementation of all procedures intended for this purpose, in accordance with the regulations.

At the same time, we particularly emphasise that violence is always the responsibility of the perpetrator and not the victim.

For more information on recognising and preventing violence in academia, please consider contacting our confidential advisor at the Faculty.

Confidential advisor at the Faculty

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