(pop – up store)
You are warmly welcome to the first POP – UP store event, organised by the students of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Chair of Textile and Fashion Design which will take place at Škuc Gallery (Stari trg 21, Ljubljana) from the 28th of November till the 1st of December 2017.
This sale exhibition wishes to emphasize the importance of the young and future generation of designers to the general public. It wants to encourage indiviuals to support local and high quality unique clothing, designed by the ststudents during their studies and to establish a new platform for young designers.
»OUT OF STOCK« represents the concept of circulation – the process of creating a garment, from the first idea to the end of the cycle, when the garment comes to life when worn.
Official opening: 28th of November at 5pm.




Photo: Matevž Kosterov

Estera’s trademark is dominant black color combined with strong and carefully crafted details. In her design process, comfort comes at the top of the list of priorities. After all Estera’s clothes are meant to be worn everyday.


Dejan’s aesthetic is based on purified chaos, where different pieces are placed in strong juxtapositions. However, if you follow his theme carefully you will discover that they come into equilibrium and moments of stillness, all of which, combined toghether, create interesting visual landscape(s).


Next designer whose work you will see presented in Škuc Gallery is Nina Grubar. She is drawn to the infinite possibilities of the 3D printing. Nina masterfully transforms abstract forms into wearable fashion.


Harsh and cold winter is probably the perfect time to visit Škuc Gallery when you know that Jona’s warm and delicate knitwear is waiting for you there. The fabric will keep your body warm but beautifull pastel colours of it will spark fire in your soul.

Photo: Jasmin Krpan

Let’s cut right through this: what’s your fetish? Are you into S&M? Bondage? Leather? Something else? Whatever your kink is, we’re sure you will find this designer and his work quite interesting… There’s something for everyone in Jakov’s “garden of delights”. Come and see. We will not tell anyone!

Photo: Anita Bizjak

Her design is a bit provocative but classy at the same time. Using new materials and textures Eva is creating a distinctive dialogue between fashion and anti-fashion all of which is leading towards the ultimate and final goal of her work – the perfect harmony!

Photo: Rok Vrečer

Anita Bizjak is creating male and female ready to wear fashion under her brand “Anita”. She is combining loose and oversized silhouettes with strict shapes and straight lines. Additional twist and unique look is achieved with the clever use of soft, handmade knitwear.


Next one is Serbian designer Jelena Zurković with her earth tones of casual fashion. Always minimalistic with a touch of retro vibes.

Photo: Enja Brelih

Katarina Kimovec is strongly aware of environmental issues and impact the fashion industry has on our Planet and that’s exactly where she finds the inspiration for her design. It is only logical that she extensively uses redesign as her main creation method. Old clothes and fabrics (with the focus on knitwear, waeved and intertwined pieces) come to life again in combination with new trendy fabrics in Katarina’s green mind.


Kata is fashion brand run by young designer Katarina Radovic who will present her autumn/winter 2018 collection. Katarina’s design is strongly rooted in the history of fashion. She draws her inspiration in bold colours and rich patterns of the past times. Katarina skillfully and playfully transforms male fashion elements into modern ready to wear female fashion. Final touch and her personal mark is always present and visible in careful handmade embroidery combined with colourful pearls.


MAKAROV is a fashion brand with an intentional touch of imperfection. Designer admits that she is inspired by ordinary people, their lifes and private stories, as well as freedom and art!

Photo: Urša Premik

Winner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award for 2017, Tjaša Zalar designs contemporary male fashion. Her recognizable attractive silhouettes are in perfect harmony with strong details. Until her next runway show you can see her work in Škuc Gallery.

Photo: Samantha Kandinsky

You will easily recognize “Sh” fashion brand and it’s unque visual language which combines contrasts of robust looks and sensuality. Saša Hašič refines her collection by exploring the techniques of various knitting and intertwining styles. She skillfully combines knowledge in modeling and cutting with a prestigious manufacturing method.


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