Exhibition of exchange Fashion and Textile Design students
at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering:

Ana Carolina Cana Verde Pereira and Leonel Seco Figueiredo

Faculdade de Arqiutetura, Uversidade
de Lisboa, Portugalska
14. 2. 2020 – 1. 3. 2020


In the collaborative work “Red thread” the two students used hand textile techniques: embroidery, crochet, and macramé to create an eruption of deeply varied picturesque linear textile creations between two textile surfaces – walls. Thus representing enlarged threads are metaphorically binding the two walls into one indivisible unity.
Ana Carolina Cana Verde researched hand knitting using knitting needles of various calibers. The knit acquired a layered wave fold which she used to create modest knitwear with archetypical details. Leonel Seco Figueiredo’s main point of focus was architectural properties of knitting yarn. He designed and manufactured unique knitwear that dazzled with its pronounced voluminosity and originality.


Mentors: Prof. Marija Jenko, Assist. Arijana Gadžijev, Teh. Assist. Andrej Vilar
Author of the exhibition layout: prof. Marija Jenko
Conservation Center for Modern and Contemporary Art MITNICA, exhibition pavilion in front of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Chair of Fashion and Textile Design, OTGO, NTF, UL, Snežniška 5, Ljubljana


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