Between 18th of June and 14th of August 2020 a project with title


with seminars, workshops and the exhibition BODY-SPACE was held

at Faculty of Architecture and at Center arhitekture Slovenije Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The project was made as part of a course: Textile design 3b.

Participating students:
Špela Dobrovoljc, Manca Drusany, Katja Frelih, Bernarda Gabrijel, Margarita Gardina, Urška Keber, Kristi Komel, Patricia Maršnak, Maja Milovanović, Maša Udovč, Tasja Videmšek, Neja Žgavec
Študenti Fakultete za arhitekturo, UL

Mentors of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering UL: prof. Marija Jenko, doc. mag. Katja Burger, assist. mag. Arijana Gadžijev
Mentors of the UL-Faculty of Architecture: assoc. prof. Matej Blenkuš, assist. Primož Žitnik, Ajdin Bajrović, u.d.i.a., Dominik Košak, m.i.a.
Guest critic: prof. Dušan Kirbiš


Project description:


Black felt. Black rope. Black drawing table frame. Dance defines a body in space and time. We find inspiration in examples of dance performances.

What is the relation between dance and shape in a frozen moment?

How can I transform a surface or a line on a body by shaping, cutting and bending?

Who am I, in relation to the time I live in?How to create without a prior plan?

How does the world turn around a body in space?

Felt sculptures and ropes represent figures caught in time, motion encapsulated, a self-portrait of group-thought.



Avtor of photographies: Miran Kambič


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