Student exchange – list of courses for Erasmus students

The list of courses for Erasmus students in the study year 2022/23 from the field of Textiles
Erasmus+ agreements pertaining to textile engineering+

Erasmus+ Programme: Inter-institutional agreements for student mobility from the field of textiles

  • Universiteit Gent, Gent, Belgium (undergraduate study: 6 places)
  • Technical University of Gabrovo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 2 places)
  • Technical University of Liberec, Liberec, Check Republic (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 4 places)
  • Universite de Haute Alsace, Ecoloe nationale superieure d’ingeneurs Sud Alsace, Mulhouse, France (postgraduate study: 2 places)
  • ENSAIT, – Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts en Industries Textiles, Roubaix, France (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 2 places)
  • Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Egaleo, Greece (undergraduate and postgraduate study: 1 place)
  • Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Tekstilno-tehnološki fakultet, Zagreb, Croatia (undergraduate and postgraduate study: 1 place, doctoral study: 1 place)
  • Vilniaus Kolegija, Universtiy of Applied Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania (undergraduate study: 1 place)
  • Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design, Kaunas, Lithuania (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 2 places)
  • SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Skopje, Makedonija (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 3 places)
  • University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 2 places)
  • RWTH Aachen University – Institut für Textiltechnik, Aachen, Germany (postgraduate and doctoral study: 2 places)
  • Lodz University of Technology, FacuIty of MateriaI Technologies and Textile Design, Lodz, Poland (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 2 places)
  • University of Bielsko-Biala, Bielsko, Poland (undergraduate study: 1 place)
  • Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Iasi, Romania (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral study: 2 places)
  • University of Boras, The Swedish School of Textiles , Boras, Sweden (undergraduate and graduate study: 1 place)

Erasmus+ Sectoral Coordinator for Textile Engineering:
dr. Mateja Kert
Tel.: +386 1 20 03 234
Fax: +386 1 20 03 270

Coordinator of the Erasmus+ programme at the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design for industrial placement:
mag. Mirjam Leskovšek
Tel.: +386 1 20 03 266
Fax: +386 1 20 03 270

Coordinator of the Erasmus+ programme at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering:
Majda Štrakl
Tel.: +386 1 47 04 647
Fax: +386 1 47 04 560

Erasmus students' opinions about the study+

-Loren Morgillo, Université de Haute Alsace, France

I arrived in September 2020 in Ljubljana to study at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering for the winter semester, I decided to live in a shared apartment with four other Erasmus students. In September, everything was still open, and I was able to discover a lively and lovely city. Ljubljana is a very charming little town; people are friendly, and you don’t feel any stress or danger on the streets (unlike most major European capitals). I had a few classes at the university (easily accessible on foot, by bike or by bus) and then at distance because of the Covid-19, so unfortunately I was not able to have a lot of face-to-face classes and practical work, but the teachers are very understandable and go out of their way to make our lessons as good as possible, for example we have done a lot of seminar work which allows you to learn on your own while avoiding having too many passive lessons in front your computer. In addition to compensating for the lack of practical work, the teachers try to give us experiences at home and it’s interesting. Considering the situation I was very happy to be in a shared apartment in the city centree, as there is a 9pm curfew and the bars were closed so it was difficult to meet a lot of people so luckily I had roommates to bring me company. The restaurants have remained open for borrowed sale and I have to say the “boni” system is a great system. In the city centre, many restaurants offer this student menu at a lower cost, which allowed us to eat well, in different ways and especially in large quantities. The most unfortunate point is that we were not allowed to leave the municipality of Ljubljana and I found it really sad that we couldn’t visit the country despite having lived there for 5 months, Ljubljana is beautiful but we quickly made the tour, we were able to visit the surroundings where the landscapes and the small villages are very pretty, the park of Tivoli allows to take the air in full forest very close to the city, but my biggest disappointment is to not being able to visit further. Fortunately in September we had time to visit the country a bit but it’s certain that I will return there to better discover the whole country because it is a magnificent country surrounded by forests and lakes, for all those who love nature , this country is made for you. In conclusion, I will say that my Erasmus didn’t go as I imagined, I didn’t meet as many people as I wanted and I didn’t visit the country, but this is due to the situation and there is nothing we can do. On the other hand, I really liked living in a shared apartment with other students of different nationalities and the classes were very interesting and the teachers very accessible and understandable. Even though I didn’t enjoy my Erasmus as much as I wanted to, I discovered a beautiful city, lovely people, and a good and open education.”


-Mert Akagun, Istanbul technical University, Turkey

“My experience in NTF and in Ljubljana was great! Even if we are in a pandemic, in the first weeks I had a chance to study face to face in the Faculty, I met with my classmates and I had part in the laboratories and I experienced a lot. The professors were super friendly and helpful. I can totally recommend studying in NTF and Ljubljana!”


-Tristan Baz, Université de Haute Alsace, Franc

“I would like to say that it was a very good experience even if because of COVID-19, the courses were totally at home. All the teachers are really nice and really available and attentive. Moreover, they are really interesting, and I learnt a lot of new things! So, to conclude, I would like to say that it was a very good experience!”


– Dilara Yigitoglu, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

”Hello, my name is Dilara. I am a Turkish Textile Engineering Erasmus student in Ljubljana University. Although my Erasmus life has been very different from what I expected, I am very happy to be here. All the teachers were always very kind and ready to help. Despite all the restrictions, it was a great experience to take the air of Slovenia, to visit places where we could go, get to know Slovenia better and discover myself. Now a precious memory from Ljubljana, I have a dragon tattoo that I will always carry on my shoulder. I will always remember with longing.”


– Magdalena Georgievska, from Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, UKIM, Skopje, Macedonia

“The whole experience was amazing, I recommend Ljubljana and NTF to anyone who wants to go on an exchange, it is such a friendly place for students! About studying at NTF I would say that I was surprised about the effort professors made to teach us in English, widen our knowledge and care that we have comfort and a good time during the stay. The library offers a wide range of books about almost everything connected to fashion, textiles, art and graphic design, and is very comfortable and nice place to study. The faculty has really good equipment and offers a great practice, so maybe in the future it is good to have even more practical lectures for Erasmus students.
The stay here helped me expand my knowledge, my understanding of the field I study, my English vocabulary for technical and textile terms. I learned a lot and got a good direction about my future development, made friends with many international students and improved my level of confidence.  All in all, there are not words to describe how wonderful the experience was and how thankful to the faculty I am for that!”




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