I-P-6 (textile engineering) Pretreatment and finishing of fibrous substrates – selected topics

The course allows the PhD student to intensively study the selective contents chosen among areas of pretreatment and finishing of fibrous substrates: classical and modern processes of preparation of textile and fibrous substrates for finishing, the influence of pretreatment on finishing processes; biotechnology in pretreatment; pretreatment of unconventional natural and synthetic fibres and their mixtures; analysis of the effects of pre-treatment in a substrate; functionalisaton during pretreatment; alternative bleaching agents, kinetics of oxidation, the influence of catalysts and activators on oxidation processes, biocatalysts in oxidation processes; structure of finishing agents and their functionality: classification of finishing agents, mechanisms of finish binding to fibres and functionality, relationship between the structure of the agent and the functional properties and fastness of the finishing, synergistic action of finishing agents in mixtures; sol-gel technology of finishing: chemistry of sol-gel, precursor combination, influence of application conditions on properties of nanocomposite polymer film, interactions between sol-gel film and fibres; determination of the quality of finish on the model substrates and the properties of modified fibres and the influence of the morphology of fibres and constructional parameters on the properties of the finished fabric; presentation of the purpose and effects of the treatments, chemical substances and their environmental impact.

Textile Engineering, Graphic Communication and Textile Design (TGT)

3 1 210
3 2 110




TeacherBrigita Tomšič (coordinator)
Barbara Simončič
Petra Forte Tavčer

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