Razpis za 3-mesečno štipendijo v Pforzheimu za študente na področju oblikovanja

“Designers in Residence” is an international scholarship program that is directed towards young designers especially in the areas of jewellery, fashion, accessory- industrial- and communication design as well as other design disciplines. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome. The scholarship invites three designers for a three month working phase at the EMMA Creative Center in Pforzheim, Germany. The scholarship holders will have access to fully equipped workshops and co-working workplaces in the EMMA Creative Center which is the central platform for creative people in Pforzheim. Additionally, they will receive a monthly financial support amounting to 1000€ as well as free accommodation. During the scholarship, there will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and talk to the members of the jury and professors of the University, Pforzheim. The results of the scholarship will be presented in an exhibition at the EMMA Creative Center and in co-operation with the Design Center Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

The period of residence in Pforzheim is from April 1 to June 30, 2022.

The deadline of applications is Monday, November, 15, 2021.

Applications can only be submitted online at: https://veranstaltungen.emma-pf.de/en/events/designers-in-residence-2022/

In order to clarify any questions that may arise during the application process, we offer the applicants the opportunity to talk to us at an open Zoom meeting. The meetings will be held on:

You can find more information in the attached files or on our website: https://www.emma-pf.de/en/designers-in-residence/scholarship/

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