Barbara Simončič

Barbara Simončič
University of Ljubljana (UL)
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF)
Aškerčeva 12
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 1 200 32 31

Research interests
Textile Chemistry
Chemical Modification of Textile Substrates

PhD in Textile Chemistry, 1993, UL, Slovenia
MSc in Textile Chemistry, 1989, UL, Slovenia
BSc in Textile Chemistry, 1986, UL, Slovenia

Employment and election
Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design, NTF, UL
Appointment to full professor for Textiles in 2009

Working at foreign universities
Visiting professor at the University of Boräs, The Swedish School of Textiles, Sweden, from 15th to 20th February 2010 and from 20th to 25th February 2011
Visiting researcher at the University of Leeds, School of Design, Great Britain, from 10th November 2008 to the 10th February 2009

Teaching activity
Lectures in the field of theory and technology of textile finishing and coating
Mentor at 7 finished PhD theses and 2 finished MSc theses
Mentor or co-mentor at 81 finished diploma theses

Publications and citations (SICRISS)
Author or co-author of 102 scientific papers, 7 professional papers, 106 contributions at scientific international and national symposiums, 2 scientific monographs, 3 chapters in the scientific monographs. Co-author of 1 patent.
Papers are citied more than 1100 times without self-citations (Google Scholar Citation Profile)

National research programmes and projects
Research Programme P2-213 (2009–2019): Textiles and Ecology (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher)
Programme of the Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (The natural and traditional resources for the future, Networks for the transition to the circular economy) (2016–2020): Potential of biomass for development of advanced materials and bio-based products, acronym CEL.CYCLE (Barbara Simončič – coordinator of WP Surface modification with sol-gel technology)
Basic Project J2-2223 (2009–2012): Chemical modification of textiles by sol-gel technology (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher)
Target oriented research project CRP “Knowledge for safety and peace 2004–2010”, M2-014 (2006-2008): Multifunctional textiles for military uniform (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher)
Target oriented research project CRP “Knowledge for safety and peace 2004-2010”, No. 404-03-16/2004/117 (2004–2006): Development, production, testing and use of tetra axial fabric from high-performance fibres, Co performer 1: High-tech textiles for military purpose (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher)

EU and international projects
Urban Initiative Actions – UIA cities (2017–2010): From harmful to useful with citizens’ led activities, acronym APPLAUSE (coordinator the City of Ljubljana)
Erasmus+ Programme: Knowledge Alliance (2014–2016): Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship oriented companies, acronym TECLO (coordinator Link University, Rome, Italy, Barbara Simončič – principal researcher of the Slovenian project group)
MPNS COST Action MP1105 (2012–2016): Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals, acronym FLARETEX (Barbara Simončič – a member of the Management Commitment)
Bilateral Project Slovenia-Serbia (2016–2017): Biodegradation of textile materials impregnated with nanoparticles of silver and titanium (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher of the Slovenian project group)
Bilateral Project Slovenia-US (2015–2016): Production of new polyamide composites with flame retardant properties by incorporating environmentally friendly additives (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher of the Slovenian project group)
Bilateral Project Slovenia-US (2012–2013): Novel composites via in-situ modification of biodegradable polymers from renewable resources
Bilateral Project Slovenia-Croatia (2010–2011): Interactions among surfactants in solutions of detergents (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher of the Slovenian project group)
Bilateral Project Slovenia-Croatia (2005–2007): Surface free energy of the pretreated and finished textiles (Barbara Simončič – principal researcher of the Slovenian project group)

Awards and recognitions
The most notable research achievement of the University of Ljubljana for the year 2016: Multifunctional durable inorganic-organic hybrid sol-gel film (Link) (You Tube)
The Mentor of 2015 (the prize was awarded by the Society of young researchers of Slovenia)
Outstanding scientific achievement of 2012: Chemical modification of textiles with sol-gel technology (selected by the Slovenian Research Agency) (Link)
Prešeren Award for students of the University of Ljubljana, 1987

Member of the Editorial board and Publishing council and of journal Tekstilec (ISSN 0351-3386)
Editor or co-editor of Books of Proceedings and Book of Abstracts of 7 International and 10 National Symposiums in the field of Textiles and of 3 Professional Books

Functions of management
Head of the Research group 1555-011: Chair of Chemical Textile Technology at the Department of Textiles, NTF, UL.
Senator of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UL
Chair of the Commission for the doctoral studies at the Department of Textiles, Graphics and Design, NTF, UL.
Member of the Commission of the Research and Development at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UL.
Vice dean for the research and development at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, UL, from 2008-2009 and 2013-2017.

Association of Slovene Textile Engineers and Technicians
European Textile Technology Platform, ETTP
Association of Universities for Textiles, AUTEX

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