CLEANTEX partnership holds its Final Meeting with all its goals achieved!


Roubaix, January 12, 2023

On Thursday, January 12, 2023, the final meeting of the transnational consortium of the CLEANTEX project: A Clean and Innovative Strategy for the Circular Economy in Textiles took place in Roubaix, France. The meeting was hosted by the partner ENSAIT.

At the meeting, the intellectual outputs (IO) leaders reported on the results of the project:

IO1. Environment Park (Turin, Italy) presented the Virtual Training Program, a few months after its launch. This educational platform, available on the CLEANTEX website, is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The content of the MOOC, created by the partners and related to sustainability and eco-design in the textile industry, is freely accessible to all interested stakeholders and can be used for learning or teaching.

IO2. ENSAIT (Roubaix, France) presented the latest version of the CLEANTEX Bootcamp, which was improved after being implemented with students at a CLEANTEX Summer School in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last summer. The Bootcamp consists of a dynamic learning experience composed of several phases that allow students to learn any content while practicing skills such as teamwork, creativity, initiative, oral expression, etc. This methodology can be applied to any subject.

IO3. LEITAT (Terrasa (Barcelona), Spain) presented an overview of the CLEANTEX e-book. It contains theory and methodology about LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), eco-design implementation, phases and criteria, and real examples of companies that have implemented sustainable models and measures in their processes.  It is an important resource for students during the implementation the Bootcamp.

Then, AEI Tèxtils (Terrasa, Barcelona) and Cre.Thi.Dev. (Athens, Greece) presented their evaluation of the project’s performance in terms of dissemination and quality aspects, both for the last semester and for the whole project duration (more than two years).

Finally, KTU gave the partnership some final notes on the completion of the management tasks, as well as some warm words of thanks for the work done by all partners throughout the period.

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CLEANTEX partnership during the meeting.


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