Virtual exhibition “Heroes

Students of bachelor’s degree programmes in textiles (Textile and Clothing Engineering and Textile and Clothing Planning) made leather objects on the theme of “Heroes” in the elective course “Leather and fur” under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marija Gorjanc.

The concept of “Heroes” was understood by each student differently and the theme was appropriately implemented in leather objects. The products are a bracelet reminding us of children with cancer – the heroes of the 3rd floor; a body belt that draws attention to the problem of the representation of female heroines, which is based on the excessive objectification of female bodies; a wallet that encourages us not to keep all the money for ourselves, but to share it with those who do not have it; a case for makeup artists who boost our self-confidence with a few strokes of the brush; a hero mask or bag that reminds us that a weaker person needs to be protected; a leather bottle that reminds us of the importance of water – the source of life; a book cover that honours writers and poets; a doll that anyone can carry with them to have a support when they need courage. Other products include a dog collar, a bracelet, a tobacco bag, and a mask that depict pets, parents or friends who stand for the right values and remind us that we must strive to be better people and overcome all problems.

Students: Bavdaž Valerija, Beg Maja, Dakskofler Nika, Isaković Adilajda, Jereb Ana, Lapič David, Osredkar Eva, Petrović Ana, Petrović Lenka, Ravnjak Katja, Solar Mihael, Šmid Sebastijan, Veskova Marija, Urbanija Katja

Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marija Gorjanc



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