Sem članica upravih odborov v COST akcijah, ki jih financira Evropska Unija (As a member of Managament Committee, I’m innvolved in COST actions):

Vključena v projekte (involved in projects):

  • Evropski projekt APPLAUSE (
  • SPS Cel Krog – Zavrženi potenciali biomase ( / CelCycle (

GhentWorkGroup (GWG) projekt – GWG ikonografija (2021) (povezava)

CA15216 (ENBA)+

Title of the action: CA15216 (ENBA)-European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise: Fundamental Knowledge to Inspire Advanced Bonding Technologies


Press release:


ENBA-Press release-EOL

KIGT vključena v COST projekt: EU mreža bioloških adhezivov (ENBA)


  • EU project: Urban Initiative Actions – UIA cities (2017-2020): From harmful to useful with citizens’ led activities, acronym APPLAUSE (APPLAUSE)
  • EU project: Program of the Smart Specialization Strategy (2016-2020): “Exploitation of the potential of biomass for the development of advanced materials and bio-based products”, acronym CEL.CYCLE (CelCycle)
  • Creative path to knowladge (Project Postiljon): March 2019-July 2019
  • EU project: EcoPaperLoop-Enhancing the Quality of Paper for Recycling (2012-2014) (EcoPaperLoop)
  • National (ARRS) projects:

    • Analysis of separately collected fractions of waste packaging in Slovenia, possible applications and potency (L2-9278)
    • Alternative bleaching agents (L2-7228)
    • Optimizing the manufacturing process of rubber products with a carrier core of textiles (L2-6327)
    • Development of high quality hygienic and medical textiles (L2-6255)
  • COST projects (MC MEMBER for Slovenia) – running and ended projects:

    • COST CA 15216: European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise: Fundamental Knowledge to Inspire Advanced Bonding Technologies (ENBA) – ended
    • COST CA 15118: Mathematical and Computer Science Methods for Food Science and Industry (FoodMC) – ended
    • COST CA 15125: Designs for Noise Reducing Materials and Structures (DENORMS) – ended
    • CA 18 136: EU Forum for Advanced Practices – running
    • COST CA 17128: Establishment of a Pan-European Network on the Sustainable Valorisation of Lignin (LignoCost) -running
    • COST CA 18210: Oxygen sensing a novel mean for biology and technology of fruit quality (Aeorgel) – running
    • COST CA 19124: Rethinking Packaging for circular and sustainable food supply chains of the future (CIRCULAR-A-BILITY) – running
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