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Typhostamp (Slovenian: Tifonamka),  is an exhibition of typographic-photographic postage stamps marking selected anniversaries of events in 2017 related to Slovenia and Slovene. The stamps were created by students of the 2nd year of Graphic and Media Technology, and the 3rd year of Graphic and Interactive Communications at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textile, Graphic Arts and Design, Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology.

In the global world, we increasingly ignore the importance of cultural heritage. We often forget about important milestones in history, the contribution of research and artistic movements, or works for further development. It is precisely because these events and the great people who enriched the Slovene and Slovenian state would not be forgotten, thematic postage stamps were created.

In the research part of the project, the students studied the works of selected important Slovenians or the events, their role in the period and their importance in modernity. All these were the starting points for the planning and design of the product – themed postage stamps. For each selected anniversary, students created a new, thematic, typography. They created an appropriate number of thematically defined photographs and illustrations. The graphic design of each thematic postage stamp is a typographic and photographic implementation.

TMS Museum of Post and Telecommunications | Polhov Gradec | Slovenia | February 2017

I would like to thank the students Eva Tjaša Jurišić, Elena Plahuta, Neža Potočnik, Janja Resnik, Maruša Rimc, Tea Stopnišek and Sanja Živković for their help in organizing and setting up the exhibition. Thank you!

Gallery Artbutik | Ljubljana | Slovenia | April 2017

I would like to thank the students Maruši Rimc, Karin Rošker, Tei Stopnišek in Sanji Živković for their help in organizing and setting up the exhibition. Thank you!

Photo: Sanja Živković



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