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Similarly as graphic designers recognise the texts in different fonts, those who shape textiles and clothing, feel subtle connections between materials in a wide variety of textile structures, fibers, fabrics, knitwear and embroidery, with which they convey human personality and culture.

TypoShirt (Slovenian: TipoSrajca), the project of students of graphics and fashion design represents a way of meaningful integration of various creative areas. During the winter semester, students of graphic design have produced a number of different fonts in the Typographic Planning and Typography in Various Media. The smartness and originality of the fonts were further upgraded by the students of fashion design in cooperation with the graphics with the transfer to the clothing. The classic men’s shirt, which was the starting form, was transformed into modern and innovative clothing piece, either in refined shirts, tunics, or dresses. The selected textile material became an unpublished sheet on which they were embroidered, glueed, printed individual letters, words or whole paragraphs, and in this way formed visual narratives.

Mentors: prof. Marija Jenko, assoc. prof. dr. Klementina Možina, assist. prof. Elena Fajt, assist. Nace Pušnik, assist. dr. Blaž Rat
Technical assistants: Alenka More, Nataša Hrupič, Primož Weingerl, Stanka Nagode

City Museum of Ljubljana | Ljubljana | Slovenia | June 2013

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