• lower case letters
  • UPPER case letters
Letter n+

Based on the letter n, it is easier to derive letters h, i, m, r, u…

two pencils hatching adding details
sketch digitization
metrics / font testing
UPPER case letters lower case letters
photoshop glyphs photoshop glyphs


A magical triangle+
✔️ ✖️
Orientation and extremes+
✔️ ✖️
Simple, advanced and complex shapes+
  • simple shapes
    glyphs metrics
  • advanced shapes
    glyphs metrics
  • complex shapes
    glyphs metrics


Adding master+
adding master switching
regular n and bold n
regular n bold n
editing master n (regular) editing master n (bold)
regular regular−black
Checking the operation of the font+
adding overview editing

anchors diacritical cloud components

optional diacritics i and j

example i UPPER case letters alignment to the height

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