5th semester22515210045030
Manufacturing technologies: Casting450300755
Manufacturing technologies: Forming450300755
Heat treatment450300755
Design for manufacture450300755
Practicals in materials testing015600755
6th semester2550195045030
Optional professional course 2450300755
Optional professional course 3450300755
Optional practical 450300755
Practical training450300755
Diploma work75075015010
Optional coursesHoursECTS
Metallurgical ceramics450300755
Special forming techniques450300755
Artistic forming of materials300450755
Technical English450300755
Practicals in innovative metallurgical products and equipment300450755
Practicals: product management4515150755
Failure analysis450300755
Powder metallurgy300450755
Engineering materials4515150755
Testing methods of metallurgical materials450300755
Metallurgical furnaces450300755
Casting materials450300755
Quality management300450755

Abbreviations used for the syllabus:
L – lectures
S – seminar
P – practice
O – other forms of educational activities (mainly project work)
ECTS – European Credits Transfer System (1 credit point equals a 30-hour student workload)

Optional Professional Courses 1 and 2 are chosen by the student from the relevant Optional Professional Courses column; the selection confirms the student’s interest in technological knowledge or knowledge necessary to conduct operative work in laboratories as well as for researching and monitoring the properties of materials.

Optional Professional Course 3 is chosen by the student from the relevant Optional Professional Course column and must be worth 5 ECTS. The selected course should be close to the theme of the student’s industrial placement or undergraduate thesis.

Optional practical is chosen by the student from the Optional Professional Courses column – practicals.


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