Call for Task Partners in the RIS-RESTORE project

We would like to inform about an open call for RIS Task Partners in the RIS-RESTORE project.

Non-KIC member organizations in RIS countries can be involved as Third Parties (so called “RIS Task partners”) in RIS projects.

Call is open until 9th of June, 13:00 CET

More details are listed below in each specific Task partner call.

Task partner 4

Public academic and research organization in Bosnia and Hercegovina located in the region under the Federation mining legislation.  Additional requirements:

1) Experience in mining, geology and civil engineering.

2) Able to be actively involved in the creation of the network and the delivery of education courses on the RIS-Restore topics.

Call text

Application form

Task partner 8

Owner/concessioner of one of the red mud tailings in Bosnia and Herzegovina located in the area threatening the Adriatic basin. Additional requirements:

1) Able to provide support during sampling and valorisation of the tailing.

2) The volume of the tailing should be at least 4 M tons of material.

Call text

Application form


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